Movie Review: Disney’s Tomorrowland

Published May 22, 2015 by

Ever since I first heard about this movie at the D23 event back in November – I could NOT wait to see it. Since then, they have started showing previews inside the Imagination theater in Epcot! If you are in the parks – be sure to check out this preview in 4D!

This amazing Disney movie from Brad Bird is a mystery adventure starring George Clooney. Even if you think you have seen George Clooney – you may never have seen him like this. He is funny, and surprisingly endearing. He really made the character of Frank come alive.

The story goes that a former boy-genius Frank (Clooney), who is now a bit angry and disillusioned, and Casey (Britt Robertson), a bright, optimistic teen bursting with curiosity about science, embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space known only as “Tomorrowland.” What they must do there changes the world—and them—forever.

This movie is BEAUTIFUL – visually appealing in ways I never could have imagined. Go see it in theaters if you can to really get what I am talking about here! In short – I loved it – and I would totally go see it again. Tune in to the Disney Parks Podcast for a full review from Tony and myself.

Don’t forget that the official Tomorrowland App with Apple Watch integration is now available to download HERE! 

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Review! Out of this World Dining at Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars Dinner by Guest Author Mary Morales

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I had the pleasure of enjoying the first service of the Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars Dinner at the Hollywood and Vine on May the 4th.  This is a special character dining event  available at Hollywood Studios from 5/4/15 – 6/14/15 (the end of Star Wars weekends) from 4:15 pm – 8 pm.
Let me start by saying, I attended  the first event on May the 4th last year and it has much improved.  Last year, I waited over 2 hours for my reservation, was rushed through photos and they had grossly overbooked the venue.  I went to a second service later in the season and still found many of those issues.
This year is a great improvement! I was seated approximately ten minutes past my reservation time and went to the queue to wait for my pictures with Jedi Mickey.  The wait was less than 10 minutes and they were very good about allowing me to get the photos that I wanted.  I received a special Star Wars photopass card and an autograph card from all the characters. Those who went last year, will recall it was Chip and Dale at the initial photo offering.
Once inside, my server explained the offerings of the buffet and I was provided with a two sided placement (blue and red) so that I could choose to join the Force or the Dark side for the evening.  The placements roll up to form light sabers and provide some table entertainment.  I was allowed to take several of these home as souvenirs.
The buffet had some wonderful offerings, which included chicken and corn chowder, a prosciutto and cantaloupe salad, tomatoes with mozzarella and balsamic reduction, make your own pasta station, meat carving station, lobster macaroni and cheese and many Asian inspired dishes. They also had the lower to the ground children’s favorites offerings like chicken nuggets, tater tots and macaroni and cheese. The food was flavorful and well stocked.  Best of all, the traffic flow of the buffet was extremely well managed.
What I enjoyed most was reading the signs above the dishes as their names had been changed to reflect characters, locations and events in the Star Wars movies.


           Desserts were small works of art themselves!  They had chocolate covered strawberries, beautiful themed cupcakes, tarts, cakes and my personal favorite – wookie cookies!!!!!  I also highly recommend each of the cupcakes – Darth Vader, Yoda and Jabba!!!

The servers and character handlers did an excellent  job of letting us know the ETA for our visitors and the character interactions were amazing.  Ewoks Chip and Dale arrive separately and were playful and sassy.  



Princess Leia Minnie Mouse was her fashionably beautiful self.  


Donald was taking his storm trooper role very seriously!  


Darth Goofy was just loveable!!  


They had Creature   Cantina music playing in the background, which added to the overall delightful atmosphere!

Event Pricing:
$57.99 per adult, $34.99 per child
Ist show of Fantasmic package adult  $63.99, child $38.99
Two Dining Plan Entitlements on the Disney Dining Plan
This was such a fun event!  I loved seeing my favorite Disney characters rocking their Star Wars side.  Great food, great servers, great interactions!  I cannot wait to go back!!  Wishing you all a truly magnificent Star Wars weekends this year and May the Force Be With You!!!!!

Mary Morales is a Travel Specialist with Mad Hatter Adventures  and the official Travel Specialist of Disneyways. She can be found at  She is an avid Disney Traveler and spends at least 4 months a year on property.  A Disney Foodie, Mary runs the Disney Food Fans group on Facebook. Specializing in special needs and special diets travel, but plans for all, Mary enjoys making magic for everyone!!!  You can follow her on Instagram (@tinksthinks123) or Twitter (@tinksthinks123) to see her many Disney adventures.

Celebrating Cinco De Mayo – Disney Style! – By Guest Author Josh Snyder

Published May 4, 2015 by jpmdo

Ay amigos! It’s that time of year again. Time to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. For those of you that are too Central Florida bound to make it to Mexico to celebrate, you can have your own special celebration, right here in Walt Disney World. Head over to EPCOT to start your festivities. There are several different ways to do this. Here’s a list of my top 5 (plus an extra one for adults only).

5. Meet Donald Duck at Mexico – this is an often overlooked character meet and greet, since it’s a little off the beaten path. However, Donald shows his true Mexican love in a great sombrero and Mexican-inspired outfit. He can be found beside the Mexico pavilion on a little off-street.

4. Sombrero Time – take time to try on sombreros. While you’re doing this, take pictures to capture the moments, like Krista has done below. This is a great opportunity to get out of the sun and enjoy a wonderful time with friends (or even by yourself). Post your picture on Facebook, then challenge your friends to do the same thing (maybe even come up with a contest to see who can make the wackiest face).


3. Lunch at La Cantina De San Angel – for a great way to celebrate without actually going inside the Mexico pavilion, stop by La Cantina De San Angel outside for a quick bite with a Mexican flare. This a counter service location, and the service is pretty quick and always yummy. I recommend the Tacos De Barbacoa. It’s delish!

2. Dinner at San Angel Inn Restaurante – this excellent restaurant is located inside the Mexico pavilion and has seating that overlooks the beginning of the Three Caballeros boat ride (similar to the Blue Bayou Restaurant and Pirates Of The Caribbean at Disneyland). The atmosphere is set to remind of you twilight in Mexico, which is always the right time for a fiesta. This is a very popular restaurant and reservations are HIGHLY recommended.

1. Gran Fiesta Tour starring The Three Caballeros – this ride is the ultimate in Mexican celebrations. Take a fun boat ride through some of the history and sites of Mexico, while in search of Donald Duck, along with Jose and Panchito. This is a great ride for the whole family. It’s indoors, you’re seated the whole time, and it’s nicely air conditioned (great for those hot and humid early summer/late spring days).


BONUS HIGHLIGHT: For adults, there’s a great little place in the Mexico pavilion called La Cava Del Tequila. That’s right, it’s a TEQUILA BAR and it’s AWESOME!!! Make sure to check this out for some “adult libations”. You can also pick up Kahlua chocolate truffles in the shop outside La Cava. Perfect for some adult alone time at home.

I hope this helps you to enjoy Cinco De Mayo while on your festive trip to Walt Disney World. I know it helped me.


“Yacht Club” Club Sandwich at the Boathouse Resturant  Disney Springs … Review by Sharon Judy

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 Emily (my daughter)and I shared the “Yacht Club” Club. This is big enough for 2 to share and at $15.00 made it a good price. We even had leftovers to take home. 

It was really good. Roasted Turkey, bacon, cucumber, lettuce, tomato,chipotle honey mayo… Just a hint of spice. The bread soaks up all the mayo and blends all the flavors really well. I will order this again. The French fries were very crispy and buttery tasting.

Lawrence from Texas was our waiter and he made sure that we were all taken care of and answered all my questions.       

Disney Springs Cars 

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Hey!!! This is Sharon and I had the pleasure of spending my morning at Starbucks here at Disney Springs. I was so excited to look out in the lake and see the new cars from the Boathouse Resturant cruising around. This day was a soft opening for the cast members family to come and enjoy our newest place to get a great dinner.

Sharon Judy lives here in  Orlando Florida is a lover of all things Disney. She is even a hair stylist here at Disney World. In her spare time she also has a salon studio that she loves to take care of all your hair services. For anyone looking for a stylist she is at Phenix Salon Suites on Dr Phillips. to see some of her work… Make sure to follow her. Text 407-301-2707 to schedule an appointment.



From Dreamer to Dreamfinder: A Review by Josh Snyder

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As I sit down to open Ron Schneider’s book “From Dreamer to Dreamfinder”, I stop for a moment to ponder what I know about this man and what I expect I’ll read. The only answers I can come up with are the fact that Ron was the original Dreamfinder when EPCOT Center first opened in 1982 and that he has one of the same unique characteristics that Walt Disney had: he can tell a story and, in doing so, can take you on a journey. I knew this because, prior to receiving the book, I had enjoyed an afternoon at EPCOT (thanks to Krista Joy of fame and author Shelby Pickett) with Ron. The afternoon, which began with dinner at The Garden Grill, allowed an intimate group of us to sit and relive the fascinating details of the first character allowed inside EPCOT Center, followed by a ride-along of the current Journey Into The Imagination with Figment ride. Ron’s eyes sparkled as he told us just a few of the stories of his short-lived (but legendary) life as Dreamfinder. He told us of the little boy that said he was Jesus, and of meeting celebrities for the taping of the opening of EPCOT Center. Then we had a rare opportunity indeed. One of the gentlemen dining with us had met Ron years ago and had his picture taken outside of the Imagination Pavilion with Ron. Tears filled my eyes as I watched this now grown up man pose with the Dreamfinder to recreate a picture taken more than 20 years ago.

So as I opened my book, I eagerly anticipated the joys I would find within. And believe me, I was not disappointed. Ron has had an incredible life, both within and outside of the theme park world. From working with the famed Wally Boag in Disneyland at the Diamond Horseshoe, to helping to craft themed dinner shows on Orlando’s famed International Drive, to helping create the Character Department at Universal Orlando Resort, Ron has clearly always had a brilliant eye for what the public will love and has brought joy to our hearts, even if we don’t know he was behind it. As I said before, Ron was instrumental in bringing character interaction into being in Universal Orlando Resort, including such acts as the Blues Brothers, among many others. Ron also had a hand in what is now known as Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Review. His repertoire also includes working at Six Flags Magic Mountain, voicing a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Sea World, and helping write scripts and record for the Monsters Inc. Laugh-Floor attraction at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park.

In the book, Ron gives you an honest viewpoint of what it’s like to be a theme park employee and the guts, sweat, and tears it takes to put on the show every night. He gives us an in-depth look at the inner-workings of how a successful entrepreneur works his magic, and also shows us a no-holds-barred look at the cut-throat entertainment business. He shows us that not all that glitters is gold, even though you put your heart and soul into it.

Anyone that has enjoyed a good dinner show, or thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of a theme park attraction would enjoy reading “From Dreamer to Dreamfinder”. Ron’s work with Six Flags, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Productions, and Sea World have had a lasting impact on generations of families and will continue to bring us laughs and joy throughout the ages and his skill at telling a good story has led to an amazing book. This is definitely one book that will not be collecting any dust on my shelf (I’ll be too busy referencing it again and again in my own daily life).

Thanks for the memories Dreamfinder!



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