17 Free and Cheap Souvenirs at Disney!

Published July 19, 2013 by Disneyways.com


It took some searching…but we found 17 free and cheap souvenirs that you can get on property at Disney! Prices and availability are subject to change.

Here they are in no particular order:

FREE: Character drawings from Animation Studios 

FREE: Downtown Disney LEGO store offers mini models for free once a month! Check HERE for monthly dates.

FREE: Resort soap and shampoo included in the price of your room, so it’s like a gift with purchase! The scents will reminded of the resorts long after you get home.

FREE and CHEAP: Pens, pencils and small notepads are sometimes left in the resort room for you as a guest. You can also buy certain pencils in the parks for just $1.00 each!


FREE: Celebration Pins – just ask for them at Guest Services. Some people get crafty and even make them into magnets after the return home.

FREE: Park maps

CHEAP: Antenna Toppers are 2 for $8. Bonus: they help you find your car in the parking lot. Even if you don’t have an antenna or a car these can be fun!


CHEAP: Disney collector packs are 3 for $15.


CHEAP: Magnets for your fridge or your metal desk at work – some are available for just $4.95.


CHEAP: Shot glasses. You can get one from each country in Epcot and start a collection.


CHEAP: Recyclable tote bags.

FREE: Kidcot stations are free! Kids can color and make some arts and crafts that they can take with them for FREE

CHEAP: Inside the Land Pavilion at Epcot, they sell little plants that are actually generated in the Living with the Land laboratories.


CHEAP: Disney character dangles – another great way to bring something inexpensive home for the entire family!


CHEAP: Keychains


CHEAP: Pressed quarters pressed pennies!! We have so much great info on those – they get their own post – coming soon! What are some cheap and free souvenirs that you have found at Disney? Leave me a note in the comments below!

11 comments on “17 Free and Cheap Souvenirs at Disney!

  • ask for the recipe of your favorite dish, the grab bags in dtd, free ice water,the free movies at each hotel, the chip and dales campfire at the campground, free maps you can order, free dvd planning movie, transportation trading cards,I know the buses still had some of these, stickers from the dvd guys,my son even got a free pin,the Sorcerers kingdom game at MK,Jedi training cert at DHS for the kids, the explorer game at AK, free choc at ghiradellis, free lai at the poly…

  • The cast members give out Mickey stickers, all the time,. if you ask the boat, bus, or monorail drivers , if they have any transportation cards, they will give you fee cards, telling you about the kinds of boats, buses etc, Now I don’t know if this one is still available , but a few years ago, at Fort Wilderness, they use to have a log outside the blacksmith shop, that had the old used horse shoes, from when they changed there shoes, hanging there. You were aloud to take them, I have two,,,one is from my favorites horse CAM ( he is retired now). I hope these are some ideas you can use ,,,Thanks Krista Joy

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