Friends of Disneyways

Starting this blog has blessed my life in more ways then I could have ever dreamed. Making so many new friends in the Disney community is certainly at the top of the list. On this page you will find Disney related businesses that have been given my personal stamp of approval!

*Disclaimer* I  have received gifts or sponsorship money to place these logos here. However I only endorse businesses that I have personally worked with and believe in!












From our readers:

Hi Krista. I waited on you awhile back at Portobello for lunch. Since then I have become a fan of your blog.
I wanted to personally thank you for posting the pictures of The Land. I am a sucker for any kind of Christmas decorations so I rode it today to check it out. It has been years since I have been on that ride despite how often I am at EPCOT. I had forgotten what a cool and relaxing ride that is. If you hadn’t posted about it I wouldn’t have tried it again.
Keep up the great information and hopefully we will meet again at some Disney function:)

-Jenny Trogdon

I just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for keeping me company at the party last weekend. I look forward to working with you more.
I took out your card when I got home, and Luke, Claire’s boyfriend, from Tennessee looked at it and said his family had actually been to your site… they are from Tennessee, but his mom and aunt are huge Disney fans and he recognized your site… VERY awesome.

-Mindi T.G.

Krista, hello. You were passed on to me by a friend after a recent Disney World trip. I’m a 43 year-old father of 8 wonderful children and husband to a amazing wife (for 13 years). I’m at a particularly low point in my life now and just wanted to reach out to you to say thanks – thanks for sharing your passion – it brings a happy tear to my eye from time to time. You’re Blessed Krista. Thank you from a small insignificant man here in KS who loves his family SO much – and truly believes that Disney World is the most magical place I have ever been to in my entire life – a man who, through a tarnished childhood, was able to find joy in Disney – to find happiness. A man who misses Disney like you’d never believe – but is happy for people, such as yourself, for expressing their Disney joy.

God Bless you Krista!



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