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Join the Optimist! The worlds of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy were only the beginning…

Published July 9, 2013 by Disneyways.com

Don’t you love watching Walt Disney on TV and YouTube – or just hearing his voice? I know I do. There’s a reason everyone seemed to think of him as Uncle Walt. It is amazing to think so much joy and inspiration is still coming forth from this man. He made an amazing difference to the world during his all too short life.

WALT the Optimist

Walt represents many things to a number of people. Nobody could argue that Walt Disney was a real-life “visionary idealist” – and that trait is the big star in The Optimist,” a new alternate reality game presented through a partnership between Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development and The Walt Disney Studios.

This 6-week alternate reality game will engage us with social media, email, physical mail, and culminate at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, August 9-11, 2013.

Here is how it was explained to us on the D23 website:

“In this narrative adventure, participants around the globe linked by social media will join fictional characters to explore both virtual and physical realms, piecing together an imagined story of Walt Disney, the Imagineers and other visionary thinkers and their potential involvement in a mysterious project that sought to build a better future.”

walt2Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development head Scott Trowbridge is behind the whole thing, and here is what he had to say:

“…One of our characters has discovered some previously unknown facts that could change what we think we know about Walt Disney, Imagineering and Disneyland Park. Players can participate at different levels of engagement over the six-week story—from leveraging social media and mobile devices to visiting unique physical sites from the story in and around Los Angeles.”

Some characters and situations in The Optimist are based on real people and events. Overall though – the experience is just pretend – and not supposed to represent real history.


The hope is to connect people around the world with each other, and to tell a story that is unbelievable yet encouraging. We could all use some encouragement at times – so I am excited about what this has in store for us!

Visit Optimist.Disney.com to learn more about the experience and get started! If you already have an account with Disney to book your resort stays and dining reservations – you will use that same login information here.

Fall 2013 Dapper Day Dates Announced!!

Published June 4, 2013 by Disneyways.com

Dates released for the next Dapper Day celebrations! DAPPER DAY Fall Soiree:

Fri Sept 6 – Disneyland Resort

Sat Sept 14 – Disneyland Paris

Sat Sept 21 – Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Boardwalk Resort (Details developing)

 Click here to read all about Dapper Day – what it is – what to wear and so much more! 

Another Monstrous Summer Giveaway!

Published June 1, 2013 by Disneyways.com

Hooray, another giveaway!! This is totally separate from the Monstrous Mint Candle! Remember we are still taking entries for that one until June 3rd –  and we will announce the winner on June 4th.

For this giveaway, I have joined up with some other amazing Disney bloggers to bring you this:

We have teamed up to bring you some fun prizes to help kick off the Monstrous summer AND to celebrate the opening of the Monsters University movie on June 21, 2013!

The blogs bringing you this awesome giveaway are:
Heidi’s Head
Magical Mouse Schoolhouse
Love Our Disney

This giveaway is open to all US Residents. You can enter using the giveaway box below. Winners will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to claim their prize or a new winner may be chosen. You can enter every single day if you want to! For more Monstrous fun – check out this post about the meet and greets, and this post about the all-nighter.

Good luck and have a Magical Day!


A Magical Monstrous Summer All-Nighter 2013

Published May 25, 2013 by Disneyways.com

Leap Day 2012 in WDW Magic Kingdom, a small handful of my family and of course my wonderful husband were able to celebrate with me. I was very grateful for the 5 hours or so I had with them, but the majority of the time I was alone. I remember being on the People Mover at 5am on March 1, 2012…looking down at an empty Tomorrowland and wondering if I was some sort of weirdo for loving Disney World so much. Nobody I knew felt strongly enough about it to be there with me at that time of the morning. Who could blame them though, really? Still, it was strange being in the happiest place on earth, not feeling sad really, but feeling very alone.

Fast forward to this week, and on our latest episode of the Disney Parks Podcast, Parkhopper John asked each of us what we were looking forward to the most about the all-nighter on May 24, 2013. The very first thing that popped into my head was spending time with friends. I wasn’t sure if my husband would make it over to party with us, but he did, and that made it even more wonderful to me.


There were 2 or 3 times yesterday and last night that I looked around and couldn’t believe the wave of emotion that came over me. At times laughing until my face hurt, and at others feeling so amazingly thankful. What a difference a year makes. I have met some of the most wonderful new friends as a direct effect of Disneyways. Some near, some far, and some that I have never met in person (yet!) To say that I feel blessed is a terrible understatement. I am so undeserving of the life that I lead, and I never, ever want to take it for granted. I don’t normally talk about myself this much here on the blog, but I hope you will forgive me and understand that what I am trying to do – is encourage you today.

If you ever feel alone in your passion for Disney, if you ever feel far away from this magical place, I hope you will think of my story. If you are reading these words right now, YOU are one of the Disney friends that I carry in my heart every time I go through those magical archways on property, whether we have met in person or not. Disneyways, and none of the work that I do, means anything without you. Thank you for taking this journey with me. Thank you for being my Disney friend – one of the best kind of friends in the “World.”

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Enter to Win a Monstrous Mint Candle from Walter&Rosie

Published May 23, 2013 by Disneyways.com


Enjoy a Monstrous 24-Hour Event
On May 24, 2013, for one day and one night only, Guests will have the chance to spend 24 whole hours inside select Disney parks!

Click hereto listen to the latest podcast from DPP for more on this fabulous event!

The Disney Parks Podcast team will be streaming live and holding meetups at Walt Disney World throughout the evening to celebrate the event. In an effort to help you continue the celebration at home all summer long, we have a special offer for you! My beautiful friend Sam from WalterAndRosie.com has created this special edition candle inspired by the Monstrous All-Nighter. It has the light scent of peppermint which has a reputation as being wonderful aromatherapy for any time you need a “pick-me-up.” Perfect for an all-night party, don’t you think?

Here are the 2 steps it takes to get entered. Deadline is Monday June 3rd 2013 at 11:59 pm

1. Head over and “Like” the Walter&Rosie Facebook page here.

2. Send an email to Disneyways@Disneyways.com  with the subject line Monstrous Mint Summer Giveaway and let us know you’d like to be entered to win.

That’s it! One lucky winner will be chosen and notified by email on Tuesday, June 4th 2013. Thank you for playing along and have a magically monstrous day!

Disney Parks Podcast Meetups During the All-Night Party May 24th!

Published May 16, 2013 by Disneyways.com

Are you coming to the  all-night party on Friday May 24th?If you missed the announcement, Magic Kingdom Park in Florida will be staying open from 6AM May 24th  – to 6AM on May 25th , 2013, local time.

I would LOVE to meet you during this Monstrous event!

Won’t you stop by and say hello?

The Disney Parks Podcast Team, including myself,  is hosting meetups at various times and places:
1st  Location – 7PM May 24th on the train station 2nd floor
2nd Location – 9PM  May 24th at the Rose Garden near Tomorrowland – this is also known as the  old swan boat dock
3rd Location – 11:59PM May 24th at Tomorrowland Terrace ( Upper eating area)

If you get a minute, please RSVP here, so we will know to look for you!

While you’re on the event page – please drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you!
disney parks podcast

Winning Entries for Julie’s Contest!

Published May 6, 2013 by Disneyways.com

Here are the winning entries from Julie’s contest! If you missed the post all about the contest and the winners click here.

To read more about Julie and her on-going specials for Disneyways readers click here.

Jewelry Pieces Won!


Solid Sterling Silver Four Leaf Clover n Crystals DeSIGNeR Earrings

by: Kristen

Sooo… What would a girl (a really old girl) named Iannotti want with a pair of four leaf clover earrings?! Let me explain…
I am TOTALLY not Italian. I like to believe that my Irish genes have sufficiently diluted my husband’s Italian lineage. Pale skin rules!! My second son (three’s a charm – I LOVE my boys!) was due on April 4, 1995. My husband and I went around and around about a middle name. He wanted something that was “significant” to his life. He tried to convince me that Tiberius (James T. Kirk!!) was an awesome middle name. I was not buying it!! We settled on Dylan (of course, for Bod Dylan). We had already chosen Jacob for the first name. So became Jacob Dylan Iannotti. On the morning of Friday, March 17, 1995, I still had three and a half weeks before Jake was due. His older brother, Tim was one day late so I held no hope for early parole. As I dried my hair that morning, I looked in the mirror and thought – What a cool day to have a baby – then, I went to work. I worked part time for a financial planning company. I had been told by my doctor that things were moving along very well and Jake could arrive at any time. The Office Manager kept telling me that everyone was going to a big meeting on Monday and that I would be completely in charge of the office. I kept telling her she might want to have a back up plan. She insisted we were fine… The whole office had a shower for me that day. Everyone had pitched in for gift certificates to the mall. It was a very nice shower and I ate enough cake for three. Me, Jake, and Jack (who would not arrive for two more years but I knew that he would have wanted cake…!). I left to pick up Tim at his kindergarten day care. We stopped on the way home at the local hobby shop (which sold a little bit of everything) because it was going out of business. They were at 70% off. Tim picked a stuffed dinosaur and I got a shirt for my husband. While we were still looking around, my water broke. I calmly told Tim (just 6 years old) that my water broke. He asked what that meant and I told him his brother was on his way. I proceeded to the check out (are your kidding me?! – how often do you find 70% off???) and told the prehistoric woman at the counter that I was in a hurry because my water just broke and I needed to purchase these items and get to the hospital… It made things worse and she was slower than usual. Jake arrived, during the NCAA playoffs, at the exact moment that ODU and Villanova went into trip overtime – ODU won the game…
Suffice it to say that Jake is my St. Patrick’s day baby – born on a day that was exciting in many ways! This past St. Patrick’s day, he turned 18 and will be leaving for college in 2 months. I would love to have the Four Leaf Clover earrings to wear while he is away. I a not a real jewelry fiend. I wear only a few rings, a belly button ring that I never change (from YOU!! – it is SOOOO perfect!!), and earrings. I have LOTS of earrings and change them every day – they are determined by mood and what I am wearing. I think that the earrings would bring luck to both me and Jake – me because I won something!! – Jake because, while I definitely don’t need earrings to remind me of him every second, it would be another connection to know that WHILE his mom is thinking of him, she’s looking GOOD!!!
This is an awesome contest idea. I love your products and love to look around your site. I have given several of your items as gifts and the recipients have also loved your work. I know something like this will bring about a lot of great stories. I hope that you will considering emailing some of the “runner ups” and seeing if you can post their responses. I think the greatest part of this idea is not the free gift but the opportunity to share some cool stories!

Minnie tropical Lei Necklace – my favorite……

I guess my story is going to be, that when I go to Disneyland, or DisneyWorld, the people there, admire all of the items I have obtained from you, and I love to share your shop, and feel the delight, and a twinge of jealousy from anyone that admires your creativity !! And the fact that I have it…and they do NOT !!

Love Ya, Joyce !!
I received an email about a competition and thought why not…but this is soooooooo difficult because 1)everything in your shop is lovely and 2) sob stories always win…always, however, I’m lucky not to have one so I’ll just try to amuse you with my humor (!)

Ok I really like the Mermaid N Lampwork Flowers Floral Glass Belly Button Ring (Listing # 123158548), and would love to win this. it’s actually quite silly as I don’t have my belly button pierced and don’t think it would be very pleasant for onlookers to see my belly but I’m sure I could find somewhere to dangle it from!

I like this because it reminds me of the sea and i grew up near the seaside back in the 80’s. brings back some good memories…now the beach near our house wasn’t lovely and colored like your bead…it was actually rocky and a bit smelly and the weather was crappy most of the time (I’m in Scotland!) but fun times were had there! Anyhoo, if I’m lucky enough to win id treasure this bead and promise to look after it.
(everything crossed..including internal organs…mm) take care.

Nylah X
SALE APRIL SHOWERS Black and White Spotted Owl Lampwork DeSIGNeR EaRrings Fall Fun
Hi my name is Cynara
I love these earrings my mom loves owls and these showcase them so well that it would be like a good luck charm when I would wear them. Okay, the story why I should win! Kind of lengthy but I think it’s great!

So I got married 9/9/10 after being with my now husband for 1 year and 8 months to the day. This story involves my mother in-law. Planning the wedding I pretty much did so on my own or with my mom. My MIL would ask questions along the way, first question what day. Well the reaction to the day was flat why because we got married on a THURSDAY, for the formal wedding and reception, in Buffalo NY, with a guest list max of 60 people. Then we had a reception two days later for the 200+ family member in my home state of MA. Style pig roast! Oh the humanity, how dare us not have huge wedding with everyone invited to the actual day and be 20,000$ in debt because of the extravagant nature of it. So in a few days she asked the theme or colors of the wedding theme Beauty and the Beast, colors yellow and red! Now she was really flabbergasted like how do make a wedding beauty and the beast themed. So I explained and she still wasn’t buying it. Then I had to tell my in laws we were not getting married in a church… Oh Boy did that take a bit to calm down from!! Then I had to tell her we were having no alcohol at the wedding in Buffalo (we did at the reception in MA), now you think I had finally told her everything and well the alcohol thing did not go over well… It was all well we will pay for the alcohol or how about just wine (which I am allergic to) so we explained we all have to drive 6 hrs the morning after we want to be safe and no one will have to drive with a hangover or god forbid still drunk. So now I told her all the “bad news” nope!! Last bit of craziness I wasn’t wearing a white dress! I wore yellow just like Belle! Yup marrying to a very religious family, no church, no wine and no white dress! So the wedding day passes and all went perfect not one problem! We get to the reception in MA and my MIL pulled me aside and said “I have never been so happy to be wrong” and continued to say all the fun amazing things about the wedding! It was just the best moment that they really accepted me into the family even though I wasn’t “traditional”. My in laws are great and awesome! After 8 months of them thinking I was crazy, I got a little victory!! Lol and Yes I did do a Happy Dance when no one was looking!

Thank you for doing the contest you are awesome and I hope you get a lot of Great stories!!!

Contest:(my favorite item is the Bracelet: All that is Disney Sra
Lampwork Disney Inspired Mickey Minnie Mouse Style DeSIGNeR Bracelet Black N Red Polka Dots Trend)

Why I chose the item above brings back a memory of wearing Mickey Mouse not to mention I love Mickey and Minnie especially when it is
jewelry; Years ago on my of trips to Disneyland, like other people or fans I bought all kinds of keepsakes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse goodies.
On our way home, one of the stops was Napa Valley to visit the wineries. Of course I had to wear my Mickey Mouse Jean Jacket and Mickey
Mouse watch with a cute dress and sandals. Well, from one winery to another I was starting to feel a little tipsy from all the wine tasting, not to mention we had a picnic at one of the wineries and drank a bottle of wine. If you have ever been there you know that it is not quiet, there is
a lot of chatter and noise as people are talking about the wines or amongst each other. In this one winery we stopped at they had a beautiful gift shop that had a large display of crystal wine glasses and other accessories. I came across this real cool framed board that had all different
wine corks from all the wineries displayed in this frame. Being my usual self I never take the first one from the front, so I reached behind to get the one from the back. Well the next thing I know all of a sudden it was like a dominos effect; my Mickey Mouse watch strap somehow caught the corner of one the framed boards and knocked the next one and then so and so on until I hear a large shatter of glass! The last board knocked over at least 1/2 a dozen of the crystal wines glasses and they shattered all over the tile floor. Trying to act cool and collect I looked up and all these eyes were staring at me with astonishment and it was “dead silent” (you could even hear a pin drop at this point)I stood there frozen. My partner of course decides to do a dine and dash and leave me stranded having to defend myself. As the store clerk came over with a broom to sweep it up, I am telling him with a dumb founded look on my face “I do not know how that happened” while some of people are now whispering saying it was that Mickey girl. My next move before I get stuck with a bill or even with more embarrassment was to slowly back up and head out the door.
As I head out the door I am now splitting a gut laughing along with my partner but not so much on what happened, but how it happened
and the expressions on everyone’s face.

Lesson in all this; never reach for something from the back.


I am submitting my email to you here as I don’t have an AOL account. Anyway, I have the pink set and the Mickey set of charms that you made me awhile back and have gotten a lot of complements on it. Anyway here is my story.
Five years ago I met the love of my life on Facebook. We met on a Facebook chat room and have been together since we met in 2008. In 2009 we were blessed to have a son, Oliver, who has brought us joy everyday in our life, but even with this blessing there was something missing. I was never the girl that wanted to be married, I was happy in my life the way that it was, but that was destined to change. My fiancé is from England and fate seemed to lead us to each other. He came to Canada to begin a new life and we made the trip back to England for Oliver’s first birthday. I was terrified and even cried as I was terrified of flying, but I had to be brave for both my son’s (Stephen is from a previous relationship) and was so happy when we finally landed. We spend a couple of weeks over in England meeting all of David’s family and friends and it was then that I realized that I could not imagine my life without him in it. When we returned to Canada we went shopping and that is when I finally agreed to make the leap that I never thought I would, I agreed to get married! Not only have I agreed to marry this wonderful, loving man, but I also agreed to hold the wedding in England. We are getting very close to the Wedding date now, August 9, 2013. I have been looking over and over at the Mickey and Minnie wedding set that you have in your shop, as I absolutely love them and would be happy to be the recipient of your gift! I have always loved Disney and cherish the charms that I have from your shop and continue to let people know where I got my beautiful charms from, so even if I don’t win I want you to know that your beautiful creations are cherished! Hope you enjoy my story.

I work in a pretty stressful job. I try to get to Walt Disney World at least once a year to re-charge my batteries, but that isn’t always possible and it
always feels like a long time between trips. I do whatever I can to add a little magic everyday and your jewelry helps me do that in a classy way. So basically I’m hoping to win these earrings so that I don’t have to be a grown up and you can add a little magic into my life! Mickey always makes me smile and smiles are the best gifts we can share! Thanks for the chance to win them for free.

It’s been my experience that when you are a mother, it is easy to get lost in the “hussle and bussle” of things and sometimes we forget a little about ourselves. I have been so busy lately that I’ve completely put “ME” on the back of the ‘to do list’. Sometimes the day becomes too much and all I yearn for is a quick nap, but instead I go into a ‘5 minute snore’ with somebody in my ear saying “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom…..” (for the whole 5 minutes). seriously, EVERY time. 😉 Well, GETTING FIT and making time to “beautify myself” has become an urgent need for me, lately. ~My very own Prince Charming & I are engaged to be married this September. SO as you can imagine, I am struggling to get into that nicely sized dress… ~ This is mainly why I fell in love with the idea of owning your -Rhinestone N Mickey Minnie Mouse Style Disney Inspired DeSIGNeR Belly Chain- because this is a more than perfect way to get motivated and inspired. I would like to see my fiancé’s face when I wear such a “delicious” design on our Wedding night/Honeymoon trip! ;-D

Ok First off let me just say you have beautiful jewelry and things! Second if I won I would love to win Beadserroneous Pansy Pansies Sra Lampwork DeSIGNeR BrACeLeT Pink Purple Flower Garden Srajd for my Grandma! If it were for me I’d love to win Tropical Pink Minnie Mouse Style Disney Inspired Lampwork Bead DeSIGNeR Necklace Hawaii Lei Sterling..
Alright on to my story… When I was two years old my Grandparents took me to Disney World. I was their first Grandchild and they spoiled me a bit…I don’t remember a lot from that trip except seeing Mickey and his house (Mickey’s Toontown) and a big ball (Spaceship Earth). Through the years I have heard the stories from that trip many times and every single time my Grandparents recall that trip they smile so it must have been pretty memorable…So on the way to Orlando we got stranded in Chicago because of heavy snow…we were stranded overnight and I hear it was pretty miserable.. Apparently everyone was sleeping on the seats and floor of the terminal lobby because no one could leave the airport. My Grandma tells me it was very crowded and uncomfortable. Grandpa always said even as uncomfortable as it was, everyone was entertained my the dancing, & singing two year old girl who despite poor conditions kept right on talking and smiling…I was and still am quite the chatterbox. My grandma said I was so excited to see Mickey I was awake all night and it took them forever to calm me.. (If I only had a bit of that energy now).. That night my Grandpa wrote a letter about my birth and a few other key life events leading up to that day…When my daughter turned two he gave me that letter and told me about that night…Both of my grandparents also told me that the whole way there I recited my address and phone number to anyone who would listen and that I had everyone laughing the whole flight the next day…I also hear I rode It’s a Small World half a dozen times 🙂 I am so very thankful that they loved me so much to bring me on such a magical trip and only wish I was old enough to remember more of it. I now have two children and my youngest is two years old now..Next year we are going to Disney and I hope to be able to save enough to take my family of four as well as my Grandparents to Disney with us. I want to build more memories with them and my children and want my kids to have the experience of going to Disney with two of the most loving, caring and selfless people I know. My Grandparent have done more for me and my family than anyone, they are both very special people. If I could give them the whole world it still wouldn’t be enough to repay them for all the blessings and kindness they have given me and my children. I’m sorry if my typing is so bad…I haven’t typed a story or a letter in ages.. Thanks for taking the time to read my story and I hope you enjoyed 🙂 Have a Wonderful Day!


I read about your contest…:) Just so you know I love everything you make…but I know my most favorite will be my grandma’s necklace. How can it not be..I have 9 wonderful and precious grandchildren. I have always wanted something that not everyone has…so many stereotype jewelry items..So…when I asked about the pancreatic cancer Mickey for my dad I thought to myself…I know Julie can create for me my very own grandma’s necklace…So this necklace will mean the world to me…and every time I look at it I will have very special memories of everyone of my grandchildren…So thank you…for making a treasure I will hold close to my heart forever….

Also….Can’t wait to get my Live Your Best Life Now….More people need to have the opportunity to get one of these…Those words cannot be more true as today’s world is in chaos….So…Julie…Live Your Best Life Now!!!!

Hugs to you
Jo Ann.

Limited Time Magic Rumors!! Another All Night Party?!

Published March 29, 2013 by Disneyways.com

Just a rumor for now – but I heard Friday May 24th there will be an all night party into Saturday morning in WDW’s Magic Kingdom Park.

Visions of Leap Day are dancing in my head!

How about you?


Another rumor – Magic Kingdom is considering a Limited Time Magic event that will involve Tinker Bell and her friends for a week. Word is that we will get to meet them all together and they will give out autograph cards similar to the ones we saw earlier this year from the characters during Limited Time Magic.

If the rumor is true – this event would take place in April or early May.



Later today there will be an announcement from Disney about the ACTUAL Limited Time Magic coming for this week. Follow me on facebook and twitter for the latest on that! Have a magical day!

Disney Function and Fabulosity – this bag has it all.

Published March 9, 2013 by Disneyways.com

My wonderful sister-in-law Karen recently gave me a Vera Bradley bag for my birthday. It is the cross-body style and it is by far the best bag I have ever used to carry what I need around the Disney parks. Hands free, machine washable,  and just the right size. What’s not to like?

Here is a photo of the one I have:

Check out the Little Hipster! It is 9.75 x 6.5 x 1.75 and it retails for $45. It has a zip around pocket in the front with card pockets, ID window and a bill pocket and then a zip main compartment and a slip pocket with a magnet on the back. Photo credit OhMyVera.com

Have you heard about the new Disney-inspired handbags and accessories by Vera Bradley?

They are coming in the fall of 2013. Cathy Dawson, merchandiser for accessories at Disney Parks says, “We are thrilled to introduce Vera Bradley to our accessories assortment. In recent years, we’ve seen several guests in our parks and resorts sporting fun, colorful bags by Vera Bradley. Even our Disney Cruise Line team recently added some items by Vera Bradley to the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. We thought it would be wonderful to add a splash of Disney to these popular and colorful accessory items.”

Vera Bradley names all of her patterns and these are no exception. The black pattern is called “Midnight with Mickey,” while the pink pattern is named “Just Mousing Around.” These patterns will be seen on duffel bags, totes, cosmetic bags and more.

When released this fall, we will be able to buy these items at select locations in Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. They will also be sold via the Disney Parks online store at a future date.

Recently I visited the  Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival  Festival Center, located between Mission: SPACE and Universe of Energy in Future World, to get these photos for you of the bags on display. Needless to say, I am in love with these new bags, and I hope you are too!

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After Dapper Drink Location Added & the PIN (Part 4 of our Dapper Day Series!)

Published January 15, 2013 by Disneyways.com

Part One – Dapper Day history 

Part Two – What to wear ideas and video from last year.

Part Three – Suggested events and meet-ups

Another location has been added for “After Dapper Drinks” in Walt Disney World. The tiki-themed Tambu Lounge in Disney’s Polynesian Resort (main building, Monorail level) AND at Mizner’s Lounge at Disney’s Grand Floridian. Mizner’s Lounge is a great place to enjoy live jazz standards by the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra. You will find the lounge upstairs behind the bandstand. The band is scheduled to play until 9:40pm. Just like with all Disney performances and shows, times are always subject to change.

In other news – Disneyland made a pin for the event! I have a feeling this took the organizers by complete surprise. Disneyland should probably correct some words in the description. It’s “Dapper Day” not “Days,” and it’s the 3rd Spring event not the 2nd – but hey – it’s nice that they noticed!


Please click here for Disney’s information on how to order one for yourself.

Dapper Day organizers revealed that they will have their OWN buttons available for the public commemorating this special night. Distribution details on these are still to come. Personally, I think I would rather have one of those!

You can find more details on every thing Dapper Day at the official site DapperDay.com

Dapper Day events are independently organized social gatherings neither operated by nor associated with The Walt Disney Company.

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