Dapper Day 2013 – An Introduction

Published January 2, 2013 by Disneyways.com

Last year Dapper Day saw 3,000 – 4,000 participants in Disneyland alone. Judging by the popularity, we believe it is destined to get bigger every year. So what is Dapper Day and what does it all mean for you and your visit to Disney Parks?

Let me start by saying that Dapper Day is NOT a Disney sponsored event. It is completely optional and perfectly OK to stay casual or not even participate at all.

In fact, the concept is very new. Started spring of 2011, Dapper Day organizes fashionable gatherings at The Disney Resorts in LA, Orlando, and Paris. The coming celebration will be an  all-day event, including an “evening affair.”

Again, it is certainly NOT official, and purely optional and fun. 

How did the event come about? Organizer Justin Jorgensen is said to have been inspired by the original Imagineer Illustrations of Disney Park designs and even more recent concept art for Epcot.

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These images often portray guests dressed as though they are going out for a very upscale event such as an opera or a maybe a high-end restaurant. Why shouldn’t going to Disney still be on par with such grand affairs?  Well, that is what Dapper Day is all about. It is a chance to realize those designer’s dreams. On Dapper Day, you bring those illustrations to life when you become those well dressed guests the designers imagined (or hoped) would be filling the park.

Stay tuned to Disneyways for more on Dapper Day, including ideas for what to wear, videos from last year, event hours and suggested schedules. Each event usually has a simple schedule of one or two in-park gatherings like the evening “Dapper Derby” at the Fantasyland carrousel in Disneyland.  However you and your party are encouraged to enjoy the park at your leisure.

So what are your thoughts? What do you think of the idea of Dapper Day and will you be participating?


8 comments on “Dapper Day 2013 – An Introduction

  • I was so hoping to finally do Dapper Day this year. I have a closet full of appropriate outfits that I don’t get to break out enough. I didn’t realize it would be the day after the Royal Family 5K, though. We’re spending that Friday night in Orlando, running on Saturday morning, and staying at least until lunch. I doubt I can convince the husband that we need to go back out there the very next day.

  • We had a BLAST at Dapper Day at Hollywood Studios.I frequently look back at my post and my photos from that day. Although, my entire Dapper crew will not be able to join me this go ’round in February, I am most certainly looking forward to another Dapper Day.

    • Hi DJ!! Blog posts coming soon but – “DAPPER DAY Fall Soirée” Friday is September 6, 2013 at DISNEYLAND® RESORT, and Saturday September 21, 2013 at WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort.
      Are you going to either…..or both?

      • Yes my family is going to Dapper Day at DL along with 9 other friends. We are all excited!. We are planning a trip to WDW next year and would really appreciate knowing the dates for Dapper Day 2014. Are the dates usually the same time each year? The months of February & September?

      • I think there are many factors that go in to deciding the dates but yes it appears to be spring and fall. I find out more information I will certainly let you know! I am so glad you are planning ahead. It really is a fabulous, fun event. 🙂

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