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Video! “Glow with the Show” Mouse Ears Debut at Fantasmic!

Published October 16, 2013 by

Last night was the very first official night that guests were able to try the “Glow with the Show” Mouse Ears on Disney World property. “Glow with the Show” Mouse Ears illuminate in sync with the show! It is really a gorgeous and amazing thing to see – so instead of trying to explain it – here is an AWESOME video from the event. Video credit goes to the fantastic

It was perfect timing because the Fantasmic show at Hollywood Stuios also celebrated it’s 15th anniversary – so debuting these ears was s a GREAT way to do it with a bang! The hats cost $25.00 including tax. They are improved over the California version but to me they were still pretty heavy and the strap was not super comfortable. This is just my opinion though. My reccomendation is if you know someone that has some – try them out before buying to see what you think! Soon the hats will debut at Magic Kingdom for the Wishes fireworks show – and during Celebrat the Magic – our castle projection show.  I can’t wait to see how guests will embrace this technology here in Florida as time goes on.

What do you think? Will you be buying a pair of these ears and giving them a try?

Discount Park Tickets Available for Dapper Day Fall 2013

Published August 19, 2013 by

Back in June we released some preliminary details, but today we have some new Dapper Day Fall 2013 information.

Visit these links to previous posts to  learn more about the history of Dapper Day,  how to dress, even see photos . We also have a fabulous Dapper Day pinterest board  to help provide you with even more inspiration!  As a reminder, Dapper Day Fall Soiree at Walt Disney World will beheld on Saturday September 21, 2013.

Check out our awesome video from last time!

Dapper Day events celebrate the tradition of stepping out in style. All sophisticated fashions, from vintage-inspired to contemporary chic, are encouraged.

Dapper Day is NOT a Disney sponsored event. It is completely optional and perfectly OK to stay casual or not even participate at all. Event hours and schedules are merely suggestions and organizers encourage you and your party to enjoy the park at your leisure. The following information is subject to be updated or change, so be sure to subscribe to  Disneyways and check the Dapper Day website for the latest info.


Dapper Day

Spend the afternoon at DISNEY’S HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS!

At 5:00 in the evening, you can meet up with friends at the famous Chinese Theater for a nostalgic journey aboard THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE.

After Hollywood Studios closes, (currently scheduled closure is  8PM) hop on a bus, boat, or walk to Disney’s Boardwalk Inn and enjoy elegant clubs, bars, and arcades with the rest of the dapper crowd until 1am.


Discounted Park Tickets are also available!

After 2:00 pm discount tickets are $74 with tax, and after 4:00 pm they are just $59 with tax. There are also discounted multi-day, park hopper and annual passes (for Florida residents) AVAILABLE HERE. These are regular park tickets sold by Walt Disney World’s Group Ticket Sales just for Dapper Day purposes. They can only be purchased online in advance. (A great deal since a full price 1-day ticket is normally $95 with tax.) The ticket store closes at 9pm on September 20, 2013.

DAPPER DAY Events are NOT private or separate ticketed functions. They are intended to be a regular day to visit the parks with other stylish guests. If you have regular admission to the parks, you are all set.

Dapper Day organizers have items for the Fall Soiree that will be available in an online store starting Friday September 6th, 2013 at

They are already planning Spring of 2014 Events at Disney Parks in Florida and California (dates to be announced).


Date Announced: The Disney Collection by Vera Bradley coming to Walt Disney World!

Published August 14, 2013 by

HOORAY!! Disney has  announced a date for the big release of the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley. More great news: they are calling this the “initial” collection – which makes me think there will be more of these bags to come. Cathy Dawson, merchandiser for accessories at Disney Parks says, “We are thrilled to introduce Vera Bradley to our accessories assortment. In recent years, we’ve seen several guests in our parks and resorts sporting fun, colorful bags by Vera Bradley. Even our Disney Cruise Line team recently added some items by Vera Bradley to the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. We thought it would be wonderful to add a splash of Disney to these popular and colorful accessory items.”

Vera Bradley names all of her patterns and these are no exception. The black pattern is called “Midnight with Mickey,” while the pink pattern is named “Just Mousing Around.” These patterns will be seen on duffel bags, totes, cosmetic bags and more.

Earlier this year, I visited the  Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival  to get these photos for you of the bags on display. Needless to say, I am in love with these new bags, and I hope you are too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Guests in Florida, mark your calendars! Disney will be holding a special release party on Saturday, September 21, at the World of Disney in Downtown Disney Marketplace. The event will begin at 7:30 a.m., and will feature the first opportunity to purchase items from this new collection.

In California, guests can find these new items starting Monday, September 23, in select locations at the Disneyland Resort.

If you are unable to visit Disney Parks, no worries!  Disney will be releasing the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley on the Disney Parks online store starting in October 2013.

Do’s and Don’ts for doing Disney with preschoolers ~ by Jennifer

Published February 23, 2013 by

Going to any Disney park or resort should be a magical experience for the whole family, but especially your young ones. They will forever cherish those priceless memories, and your entire family will reminisce on the magical Disney vacation they first took together.

lion king

It is truly the happiest place on Earth, especially if you follow these tips!

Do stay on site

Staying on Disney property will make your trip much easier. You will have access to Disney’s reliable, comfortable, and safe transportation throughout your stay. From the moment you step off the plane to the day you head home, you will not need to worry about finding transportation to your hotel, the parks, or to any places on Disney property. This should keep your little ones more focused and should prevent them from feeling frustrated as the long days of commuting wear them down.


Do bring or rent a stroller

Click here to see my post on how to make your stroller stand out in the crowd!

Even if you never use a stroller for your toddler, you definitely will need one in Disney World. There is a lot of walking, and a lot of stuff you will be bringing with you. Little ones will want a place to sit and rest, get shade from the sun, and possibly even nap. In addition, the stroller is a great way to store all the stuff you will bring with you.

Do keep hydrated and pack snacks

Photo property of

YES you can bring food into the parks. Check with guest services for current rules on this. Make sure you keep yourself, the other adults in your party and your kids hydrated and fed. Hydration is especially crucial as it can get very warm, and you will be doing a lot of walking. Granola bars and other simple snacks will keep them happy when waiting on lines for rides and attractions.

Do plan breaks during your day

If you are relentlessly on a roll, the whole family will be melting down by noon. A great idea is to get to the park when it opens, then head back to the hotel midday for naps, rest and maybe swim. Then head back to a park in the late afternoon.


The Big Blue Pool at the Art of Animation Resort

Do pack small gifts that you can carry with you and give out when needed


You can also find fun toys on like this one from SweetsByEj.

There is merchandise to be bought everywhere you look. Before your vacation, visit a Disney Outlet or other related retailer (I always find stuff at Dollar Stores and Walgreens) to stock up on t-shirts, figurines, stickers and stuffed animals. You will save a lot of money when your kids are begging for something, and you can take out a surprise item for them!

Do not try to do everything


There is so much to do and see, and you will want to do everything. Resist the urge. Pick out the rides and attractions you feel your children will enjoy the most. Your children are little, so keep it to one park a day. Remember: you want a reason to come back! There are different phases where kids can enjoy Disney!

Do not force your child to go on a ride if he or she is resistant

If your child does not want to go on a ride, see an attraction or meet a popular Disney mascot, do not try to force him or her. Even if you have waited an incredibly long time, or if you just “know” your child will love the ride, attraction, or their favorite Disney hero, let them skip it.

Do not forget sunblock


Even on cloudy days, everyone in your party needs sunblock. Unless you are at an inside ride or attraction, do not forget that there is very little shade at the parks. Even on colder days, the California or Florida sun can be very strong. Protect the skin of your whole family, especially our little ones who are more susceptible to burns. If you are traveling in the winter months you will still need it

Do not travel at the most crowded times of the year

If at all possible, try to avoid the most popular times. These include all major holidays, long weekends, and most of the summer. Try to pick the off times such as late September to early November, early December, mid January to early February, and early to mid May. While you will find crowds at all times, these times will be more manageable. Those lines will weigh on the you, and not to mention fussy toddlers.

Do not forget a light sweater and blankets for the evenings

The days may get incredibly warm, but as the sun sets it can get cooler. Depending on the month as well, the later half of the day and evenings can get really chilly. Make sure you pack a sweatshirt for every member of your party. For the little ones, you might even want to make sure you have a blanket they can snuggle under in their stroller.

EmbroideryMark makes a pillow, backpack, and blanket all in one! You can even get it personalized.

If you follow these easy tips you are sure to have a fantastic vacation! I cant guarantee there won’t be a meltdown here and there, but it will be much more manageable.

Jennifer is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner with Destinations In Florida travel, offering FREE concierge planning services for all guests. Contact her today for a FREE quote.



Excitement is “brewing” Over Starbucks at Disney!!

Published August 3, 2012 by

Disney Food Blog posted a wonderful piece today that includes beautiful pictures of the new Starbucks that has been placed in n the heart of Disney California Adventure’s new Buena Vista Street! Why is this exciting? Because it means the Starbucks at Disney World are coming soon!

If you are in DCA you will have to keep your eyes peeled. Disney is famous for adding little touches and details that you really have to look for, and the sign at the new Starbucks fittingly is discreet. You will want to go inside Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe, which is a quick service restaurant, for your Starbucks fix. While you’re there you can also choose to partake of some of the cafe’s food offerings. They have soups, and also sandwiches, like the roasted veggie or roast beef and cheddar.  Check out the sweet treats too!  With a few exceptions, the top two shelves in the case are Starbucks treats, and the rest are Disney.

I am still California dreamin’ but if you get to go – please send me a note and pictures.  I’d love to hear all about it! 

Click here to go to the Disney Food Blog and see the post!

World Secrets: Video! Walt Disney and the 1960 Olympics

Published July 28, 2012 by

Opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic Games was on TV  – and with it – lots of talk about the Olympic Games of the past. In 1960 the organizers of the Olympics asked Walt Disney to provide the entertainment for the event. Walt brought in big named entertainment, fashion shows, and even snow sculptures to the Winter Olympics. He also had Art Linkletter plan logistics for performers to provide nightly entertainment for the athletes and officials. You will hear Art Linkletter tell you in this video that the stars and performers came out to be a part of this at no charge. Not only that – but Art got to be a guest in Walt’s home while all this work was taking place.

The 1960 Olympics were where many “firsts” took place – thanks to Walt. For instance, this Winter Olympics introduced Disney artist John Hench’s Olympic Torch design, which all further torches have been based on. Then came the idea of having the first ever Olympic sponsors. Walt Disney decided on the concept of thirty steel poles for the flags of all nations participating in the games. They each cost $500-$600 (big money back then!) so every flagpole came with a plaque from Walt thanking the Olympic sponsors for their contributions. What a way to get your company some exposure!  After the Games were over, each company received the flagpole their finances had helped place. Things I wold imagine you don’t read on a thank you note every day…my paraphrased version: “Yay you got to be one of the first Olympic sponsors in history! Thanks so much, and here’s your flagpole back now.” Actually, I’m sure Walt Disney would have written a thank you note with much more class…if he actually wrote thank you notes that is.

Olympic officials complained about the costs for some of Walt’s elaborate plans but he quickly responded, “Either we’re going to do it the right way or Disney will pull out.” (You tell ’em Walt!) The Opening and Closing Ceremonies involved 5,000 participants, 1,285 instruments and 2,645 voices from 52 California and Nevada high school bands. This and so much more meant Disney set new pageantry standards for future Olympic games. In the Los Angeles Times, reporter Braven Dyer wrote, “The opening ceremony was the most remarkable thing I ever saw. No matter how much credit you give Walt Disney and his organization, it isn’t nearly enough.”

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