A few Dapper Day Photos from February 24, 2013: An Elegant Affair

Published February 26, 2013 by Disneyways.com

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Ever since the spring of 2011, DAPPER DAY organizers have created fashionable gatherings at the Disney Resorts in LA, Orlando, and Paris: a spring, all-day event, and a fall “evening affair.” Inspired by the original Disney park designer’s illustrations, which often featured extremely well dressed guests enjoying the park, DAPPER DAY celebrates the tradition of stepping out in style. It gives us a chance to visit the parks while looking our best. The night attracts park enthusiasts of all genders and age groups.

All elegant fashions from vintage-inspired to contemporary chic could be found on this warm Orlando evening in February.

I must say that as a bystander – mostly just photographing the fun and handing out Dapper Day pins – I could not help but feel every smile and look of joy deep down in my core. I could hardly control my own smile and giggles at watching so many of the dapperly dressed really show off for the camera, and ham it up! They were all so wonderful and accommodating. What an amazing, truly magical night.

We got hundreds of pictures. What we have posted here is just a sampling. We will be posting more on the blog as well as on facebook, and eventually our YouTube Channel.

Be sure to subscribe to all of these avenues so you won’t miss a post. If you see yourself in any of these pictures and you did NOT get a Dapper Day button to commemorate the evening, I have a very limited supply left over. Please contact me right away, the fastest being through facebook. I always accept friend requests. Have a magical day!

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