“MagicBands” in colors and characters – an awesome photo tour

Published January 31, 2013 by Krista Joy

Recently a tweet went out from TouringPlans.com that stated “There is a sign up at Contemporary introducing MyMagic+ to guests”

Click here to see the Tweet from TouringPlans.com

It looks as though you will not only be able to choose an armband in your favorite color – but you will get to customize it even further with your favorite character or design.

I heard from a reliable source today that Star Wars characters will also be an option, but I couldn’t find any photos to show you as an example.

All photos below are from DizFanatic.com unless otherwise noted.

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7 comments on ““MagicBands” in colors and characters – an awesome photo tour

  • Was at Disney June 16-24. They started a soft roll out of the magic bands at select resorts if you checked in on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday only. So I did not get one. They are still experiencing a lot of problems so don’t get one yet unless you have time to be a guinea pig. Keep good records if you have the dinning plan since it messed up most people I talked to that got one. Soon this will go live everywhere and it will be the coolest thing ever! Until then grin & bear the growing pains.

  • I just booked my magic band for a Jan-Feb 2014 stay and the only customization available (last night) was color and your name…no characters.

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