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Exclusive Photos!! Be Our Guest Restaurant Testing FastPass+ Dining!

Published May 9, 2013 by

Back in February we shared news that there would be periodic testing going on for My Magic+ testing at Be Our Guest!

Just the THOUGHT of this happening at Be Our Guest in New Fantasyland makes me happy!! Why? Because I believe they have some of the absolute BEST food in the Magic Kingdom.

I dream of having the grey stuff  often. Doesn’t everyone? In fact, below you will see a photo explaining the only reason I don’t eat at Be Our Guest every single time I see the gates!

Be Our guest LINE

Long lines! You can’t get reservations for lunch – it is walk-up only. Most people would say I am a patient person – but I really can’t stand waiting in line. Sure you can make  reservations for dinner (way in advance – if you are lucky). Here is what being lucky looks like:


But there is hope for everyone out there who is hungry and impatient like me! HOPE – in this case – came in the form of a little unassuming card today:



What you are seeing here is an actual Fast Pass+ that is being tested for the Be Our Guest Restaurant! These are very exclusive right now and by invitation only! I have to send a BIG thank you to Ramon Rodriguez for sharing these with us today!

Here are a few more photos. I scribbled out the name and other info to protect the privacy of Ramon’s guests.







If you are not already subscribed to get our updates by email – you will want to go ahead and do that now! We will soon have complete details on this awesome news, how Ramon was able to get these photos for us, and so much more!!

Annual Passholders – Day One Photos of MyMagic+ Upgrade Process

Published March 21, 2013 by

March 20th 2013, Disney Annual Passholders Began Pickups for the New Touch to Enter Cards.

Since so many Passholders love to visit during Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, going on now through May 19, Walt Disney World is offering a convenient way to exchange your current paper annual Pass for a new card.

Why should you switch?

The new entrances will eliminate the need for turnstiles. Running that paper card through the machine will be a thing of the past. Just touch your new plastic card to the Mickey head, scan your finger, wait for the green light – and you’re in!

Got a stroller or a wheelchair? You will no longer have to wait for someone to open the gate! The folks that choose to have these cards will have a much faster wait time to enter the parks.

During your next visit, you can bring your paper Pass and valid ID to the Odyssey Center, located between Test Track and the Mexico pavilion, to get your new card. Obviously, cards must be used by the same person who originally used the paper pass. You will see a sign outside the Odyssey Center that looks like this:

At this time, the Odyssey Center is the only location where Passholders can receive the new cards. The Odyssey Center is open during regular park hours, and the best time to visit is Monday through Friday after 12:00 noon. Main Entrance ticket windows are unable to exchange Passes for the new cards.

In the coming months, we’ll provide more information here on other ways you’ll be able to exchange your Pass for a new card, (no worries if you can’t get here before May 12th!) as well as more information on MyMagic+ and when MagicBands will be available to Passholders. Disney has not released info on the timing of these yet.

Our Disneyways Man-on-the-Scene reporter Ramon Rodriguez, was the very first one in line- on the very first day – to get his new RFID card!!

Perhaps the first EVER guest at Walt Disney World to pick up his new (tap to enter) annual pass. Ramon Rodriguez of

Ramon was able to get these terrific photos from Day One – to give us an idea of how the process works. We will have answers to your questions and more photos for you tomorrow! Send your questions to or leave them in the comments below and we will answer them in the next blog on this subject.

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“MagicBands” in colors and characters – an awesome photo tour

Published January 31, 2013 by

First posted on January 31, 2013

It looks as though you will not only be able to choose an armband in your favorite color – but you will get to customize it even further with your favorite character or design.

I heard from a reliable source today that Star Wars characters will also be an option, but I couldn’t find any photos to show you as an example.

All photos below are from unless otherwise noted.

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For the first time, Disney released two limited edition, retail MagicBands with pre-printed images (edition size 2,500 each) during Star Wars weekends 2014. A green retail MagicBand with Yoda’s image and a red retail MagicBand with Darth Vader’s image (colors were selected to match their light saber colors). Each retail MagicBand was packaged in a decorative Star Wars Weekends box (you could even use the free Aurasma app on your mobile device to make the box image come to life).

Photo Credit Disney

Photo Credit Disney

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