“MagicBands” in colors and characters – an awesome photo tour

Published January 31, 2013 by Disneyways.com

First posted on January 31, 2013

It looks as though you will not only be able to choose an armband in your favorite color – but you will get to customize it even further with your favorite character or design.

I heard from a reliable source today that Star Wars characters will also be an option, but I couldn’t find any photos to show you as an example.

All photos below are from DizFanatic.com unless otherwise noted.

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For the first time, Disney released two limited edition, retail MagicBands with pre-printed images (edition size 2,500 each) during Star Wars weekends 2014. A green retail MagicBand with Yoda’s image and a red retail MagicBand with Darth Vader’s image (colors were selected to match their light saber colors). Each retail MagicBand was packaged in a decorative Star Wars Weekends box (you could even use the free Aurasma app on your mobile device to make the box image come to life).

Photo Credit Disney

Photo Credit Disney

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10 comments on ““MagicBands” in colors and characters – an awesome photo tour

  • Was at Disney June 16-24. They started a soft roll out of the magic bands at select resorts if you checked in on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday only. So I did not get one. They are still experiencing a lot of problems so don’t get one yet unless you have time to be a guinea pig. Keep good records if you have the dinning plan since it messed up most people I talked to that got one. Soon this will go live everywhere and it will be the coolest thing ever! Until then grin & bear the growing pains.

  • I just booked my magic band for a Jan-Feb 2014 stay and the only customization available (last night) was color and your name…no characters.

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