Big Hero 6 ~ About Advanced Screenings and Free Printables!! By Guest Author Terri Miller

Published November 2, 2014 by wdwhints


Advanced Screenings

I attended a special screening of Big Hero 6 on Saturday, November 1st. Advanced screenings (aka – special screenings, pre-screenings, etc.) actually aren’t all that special. Yes, they are free to the viewers and yes, they occur anywhere from 2 days to 3 months in advance of their release date… but other than that – there’s nothing special about them. Depending on the film, there may not even be previews. They just lower the lights and BAM! – the movie starts. Pretty anti-climactic.

How does one get invited to an Advanced Movie screening? Generally those in the press, media, and blogging world receive the invitation first, usually from a Public Relations company in their area. Personally, a PR representative will contact me about 10 days in advance offering complimentary tickets. For the general public, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for theaters that offer special screenings, businesses that offer free ticket perks, or sign up for free advanced screenings from film membership websites. I’ve noticed that the PR company in my area will release any extra pre-screen tickets 24 hours in advance to the public.

Big Hero 6 Movie Thoughts

When agreeing to view a movie in advance, you’re agreeing to the embargo rules of that film. For Big Hero 6, the embargo date is the same as the movie release date – November 7th (2014). Which means, my hands are tied for movie reviews and spoilers… What I can say is that it’s truly a heartwarming story, very humorous, and everyone will fall in love with Baymax… (move over Olaf!)

Free Printables

What can we give you? PRINTABLES!! And they’re fun for the whole family – activities, recipes, decorations and science experiments! Click on each link below and print up some Big Hero 6 fun!!

Big Hero 6 Pumpkin Instructions

Big Hero 6 Find the Hidden Microbots

Big Hero 6 Postcard

Big Hero 6 Origami

Big Hero 6 Recipes

Big Hero 6 Science Experiment

Big Hero 6 Maze

Remember… Big Hero 6 opens in theaters on Friday, November 7th! You’ll definitely want to meet Baymax!!

Terri Miller is the founder of WDW Hints – where she and her team love to research the lesser known things about Walt Disney World and then share those finding with their readers! Feel free to visit the WDW Hints Facebook page and say Hello!

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