Guest Review: Downtown Disney AMC Dine-in Theater

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This guest review is written by Laura Smeltzer who has been a friend of mine for about 20 years. Laura is a mother-to-be and if it’s one thing expectant Mommies know (speaking from my own experience)…it’s FOOD! If you watch the slide show long enough, you will see Laura’s picture. Laura paid a recent visit to AMC Downtown Disney 24 which is an AMC Dine-in theater location and I asked her to share her experience. Questions or comments about this blog can be posted here and I will make sure they get to Laura.

Have a magical day!

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AMC Dining Experience
“I have done the dining experience twice at Disney. Both times I went online and reserved my ticket. This was nice because you chose the seat you will be sitting in.
As you enter the theater there is an attendant to help you find your seat. Each row contains 4 seats. The seats are roomy and comfortable. There is a small table that runs the length of the row and a button on the table for each seat. When you are ready to order you push the button and wait for a server.
My first experience my husband and I attended the movie as a date night. As soon as we were seated our server approached and took our drink order. While waiting for our drinks we were able to look over the menu and decide on what we wanted. For appetizer we ordered the fried mozzarella batons. For dinner I ordered the chicken fingers and my husband ordered the Southwest Chicken wrap.
Our appetizer came out as the movie was beginning. The mozzarella was hot and crisp and very tasty. The serving is enough for two to three people. Small amount of marinara sauce came with the sticks. It was the right amount for us but if you are someone who enjoys marinara sauce ask for an extra serving.
Right as we finished our appetizer our meal came out. My husband enjoyed his wrap. He said it tasted fresh and was the perfect amount for dinner. I wish I could say the same about the chicken tenders. The fries that came with the chicken was delicious. The chicken tenders were sub par to say the least. I have bought better chicken tenders from the freezer section of the grocery store. I realize that I am paying more for the experience but $12 for chicken tenders, well, I would have preferred fresh tenders.
We never once had to ask for a refill. We finished our dinner about half way during the movie and decided to order a small popcorn. This was brought very quickly.
While eating a very low light stays on that runs the length of the table. At first I thought this would be disruptive to the movie but I didn’t notice it at all during the movie. Near the end of the movie I noticed our check was laying on the table. My husband paid with a credit card and handed back to the server. There was no distraction at all to the movie with the handling of paying for dinner.

I was so pleased with the overall experience that I recommended to a few friends of mine as a girls night out.
Sadly to say our experience was completely different.
We arrived and found our seats and decided on our drinks. We pushed the buttons and waited…..and waited…and waited. The server came up as the previews were starting and took our drink order and appetizer order…..I again ordered the mozzarella batons.
After a short time we placed our order for dinner. I ordered the Tuscan Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza, my friends ordered the fish and chips basket and the classic Chicken Quesadilla.
My friends Fish and chip basket came out first, even before my mozzarella sticks. About 15 minutes into the movie and about 5 minutes after the fish and chips came out the mozzarella stick arrived. We finished the mozzarella sticks and the chicken quesadilla arrived. By the time that both of my friends finished their dinner the flat bread pizza came out. Overall the food was delicious!!!! Each of us had hot fresh food that was tasty….however, I was disappointed that even though we ordered everything at the same time that it all came out separate.
The rest of the experience was the same as before and very pleasant. The servers were not distracting from the movie and paying for the bill was very simple.
At first my husband said he felt it was quite a pricey experience, however, after we thought about it we agreed that it would be about the same cost as if we had gone to a restaurant first and then a movie.In the future we do plan on attending again and trying different food.”

What are your thoughts?

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