Disney Tip to Help Customize Your Celebration

Published July 7, 2013 by Disneyways.com


Who says you can’t get anything at Disney for free? Disney is a great place to celebrate any occasion and make magical memories! If you are in the parks and want everyone to know what you’re celebrating – stop by a Vacation Planning Booth, or Guest Services to pick up your celebration button! The best part is – they are absolutely FREE! If you are staying at a Disney resort – just ask for a button when you check in. You may receive special treatment or surprises if you wear it proudly throughout the day. Buttons may vary – but right now they have different ones for your birthday, anniversary, family reunion, happily ever after and more!

first visit


For lots more Disney World “Secrets” click here! Have you ever worn a celebration button at Disney? What were some fun things that happened on your special day?

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