Hot Potato!! Here’s A Money Saving Disney Tip for Fans of Mr. Potato Head!

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Hot Potato ~ by Aunesty Janssen

Did you know there is a place to create a Mr. Potato Head on Disney property? It’s true! What a great way for parents to get a break from the heat while the kids play! Aunesty from has a pretty cool secret to share about how to get the most out of your Mr. Potato Head purchase! Thank you Aunesty for this awesome tip!

mr. potato

Mr. Potato Head post by Aunesty ~

Since moving from the Omaha, NE to Kissimmee to be closer to Walt Disney World we have kept a close eye on the cost of souvenirs and toys. It is amazing how much you can collect in such a short time with two toddlers! With one of our favorite outings being a trip to Down Town Disney for an afternoon or evening of walking around and shopping all things Disney. We especially love stopping in the Once Upon a Toy store there and letting the kids play. Of particular interest to our two year old is the build your own Mr Potato Head area.


There is a great big table set up where kids can go get various pieces of Mr Potato Heads anatomy and play and play. I understand why Disney does this, I mean what child wants to leave behind their creation after playing around for 15 minutes making it perfect? And what parent wants to take a screaming toddler out of the a toy shop in the middle of Walt Disney World? Good plan Disney…

mrpotatohead1So after a few times of going through the melt down as we leave without our Mr Potato head creation, I finally asked a cast member how it works and how much it costs. Well for $19.95 you are given a decent sized box to fill with as many pieces as you can, the box has to be able to close though. Now here is the kicker, if you purchase your Potato head with your pieces, it takes up a lot of space in your box. So it is recommended that you either purchase it elsewhere (we just picked one up for $5 at Target on clearance) or buy it separately for $7 or if you want to buy it as part of the box, then stuff the inside of full of accessories as well. Yes that is allowed.


I have noticed that the accessories seem to change out about every other month. For instance in April they didn’t have the entire Buzz Light Year set but the did have all the Disney Snacks. It seems like they are not carrying quite as many different pieces right now as they did in December, but that could just be me not seeing something. Regardless of which items they have displayed at the time, there are plenty to choose from. I would estimate that you should be able to put together roughly two full costumes sets and five or six additional accessories in one box without a potato head in with them. mrpotatohead2

Author Bio: Aunesty Janssen (of Temporary Tourist Travel) and her family moved from Omaha, NE to Kissimmee, FL so they could pursue their dream of doing Disney Daily. She photo blogs their daily adventures and enjoys finding hidden secrets of Walt Disney World. You Can follow their adventures on their Site or via their Facebook Page where they post Walt Disney World photos daily.


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5 comments on “Hot Potato!! Here’s A Money Saving Disney Tip for Fans of Mr. Potato Head!

  • Would like to know someone or a store that would ship Mr potato head parts to me. It’s terrible that a place like Disney that is to make children happy can not make it so for children that can’t afford to get there. Called every store I could think of to find Mickey Mouse and his clubhouse friends pieces for a Mr Potato Head have any ideals

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