New Fantasyland feature you might not have heard about…

Published October 13, 2012 by
English: Logo for New Fantasyland -- the expan...

English: Logo for New Fantasyland — the expansion of Fantasyland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you Disney World – for paying attention. Today there is yet another reason that I think the new Fantasyland will be worth the wait! It looks like the folks at  Walt Disney Imagineering have read our minds and maybe monitored our tweets and facebook requests.  So far we have seen the indoor air-conditioned Dumbo queue, FASTPASS for most attractions, shade trees, wider walkways, and lots of wall-seating throughout Storybook Circus.

That’s all great but what am I MOST excited about?
It seems though that Disney is not quite done yet, and have another trick up their sleeve. The third Big Top in Storybook Circus (the yellow one), along with the new restroom area being built in the former skyway station area, (remember those??)  is expected to feature something known as a ‘D-Zone’. These areas are designed to allow people to relax, take a seat, and to have access to things like ECV charging stations….and a place to -wait for it – CHARGE OUR CELL PHONES. Thank you Imagineers…thank you!!
No longer will I have to be the crazy lady in the park looking everywhere for outlets.  My legs going to sleep from sitting on the ground will be just a memory. October 23rd I get to go to Fantasyland for a sneak preview, and I am so excited I may explode. Blogging and sending you photos from the park will be a breeze if the new D-Zones are ready. Stay tuned to Disneyways!

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