If you love Disney AND Makeup – don’t leave for Orlando until you read this!

Published August 21, 2013 by Jay


“I don’t know about you but I love makeup  – and I love it even more when it lasts! This is especially true for the makeup I take with me on vacation. I understand that many people don’t think that makeup is a good use of vacation time and I totally agree; vacation time is for family, fun, and relaxation! However, I still believe in looking good while you’re away (I have some vacation pictures from before I felt this way and I cringe now over what a bum I looked like). With that in mind, I’m here today with some tips on park makeup that will pack a punch, last the day, and make you look like a princess!” -Jay

(A note from Krista: Today’s post is brought to you by the fabulous Jay over at WayfaringBeauty.com! Perhaps you remember Jay from her previous makeup related guest posts here on Disneyways, specifically her Oz Theadora and Glinda palette reviews. Jay has outdone herself today by bringing us these 4 quick makeup tips for your next trip to Disney! Take it away Jay…)

Disney Beauty with Jay – Makeup to Last the Day!

1. Pack for a Plane

Whether you’re driving, biking or flying, the best way to pack your makeup is as if you’re flying and taking only a carry-on bag. I always keep my makeup in my carry-on bag when I fly in case of lost/delayed luggage or in case a flight is really delayed and I need a touch up. This means that my makeup has to be small and fit in small, clear ZipLock bag. You can purchase travel-sized brushes and smaller versions of your favorite makeup at many beauty retailers if your products are too big.

Think small when it comes to packing!

Think small when it comes to packing!

Why bother packing that way even if you’re driving? It keeps you from packing every piece of makeup under the sun. The small bag forces you to pick and choose your makeup wisely and only take the things that you’re sure you’ll use, like the basics. Do you really need ten different eye shadows? No. Are five lipsticks and three glosses really necessary? Probably not. Packing less also means you spend less time deliberating over makeup choices in the morning, which leads to…

2. Time is of the Essence

You’re on vacation – don’t spend it in the bathroom getting ready! This time is valuable and you want to be spending it running around the parks and with your kids (if you have them). You will be also taking a lot of pictures though, so you should be at least a little put together. The good news is, you can have beautiful, simple makeup that lasts the day in ten minutes or less.

3. Double-Duty Beauty

Choose products that do it all (or at least have a lot going for them). For example, I love taking Missha M. Perfect Cover B.B Cream with me on vacation in lieu of foundation. The B.B Cream can be quickly applied with fingers, which means one less brush I need, and gives great coverage for a B.B cream. It has anti-aging ingredients in it, gives my skin a light glow, and has great lasting power. The best thing about it? Missha’s B.B creams contain SPF 42, which means you don’t have to worry about your facial skin while out in the sun all day.

Travel-friendly sizes

Travel-friendly sizes

4. Products that Last

While out in Disney, you don’t want to be touching up your makeup all day. That’s a pain and you should be focused on fun, not whether your makeup is slowing melting off your face because of the heat! Choose products like Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick that won’t budge so that you can apply in the morning and then forget about your makeup until you choose to think about it.


If you prefer to have natural lips, choose a chapstick that has good lasting power and SPF.

Don’t forget, you’re at Disney to have fun! You shouldn’t have to think about your makeup or worry about how you’ll look in photos later. If you choose the right makeup, the only things you may need for a day in any park are blotting sheets (if you have oily skin) and lip balm.

*Want to see how easy a Disney day of makeup can be? Keep a lookout for a follow-up post, coming soon!

4 comments on “If you love Disney AND Makeup – don’t leave for Orlando until you read this!

  • Great tips! I also like to look “put together” since we take so many pictures while in Disney. I focus on a few key areas. A well defined eyebrow looks great in pictures and lasts all day. I also use the BB cream, which is great, and I bring a kabuki brush (smaller and easier to pack) to “buff” out my whole face (I fill the brush with powder then put it in its own little baggie–there’s enough to last a week). Then I finish with Nars The Multiple (in Orgasm) for cheeks and lips. So my makeup bag has an eye/brow shadow compact with angle brush, a kabuki brush with powder already applied, BB cream, Nars Multiple, and chapstick. And I love the blotting paper idea. I always pack them and forget to use them.

  • Thanks for the tips! Does the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick dry out your lip since it lasts all day? I usually take some gloss to keep my lips hydrated.

    • It is a little drying because it is matte and an all-day formula. Gloss really lessens the wear time on me so I usually put a little clear balm on top if it starts to feel too dry.

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