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Hanson Concert Review by Guest Author Nicole Burzynski

Published November 11, 2013 by

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In an MmmBop they’re gone – but hopefully they will be back next year! Back in 1996, when Mmmbop was first released, many teenage girls swooned over Hanson, myself being one of those. Finally adult me got to see them in concert at Eat to the Beat at Epcot, and yes, I did swoon some more. Those boys grew up to be good-looking men who sounded just as great, if not better, then when they were teenagers.

Hearing them in concert was amazing. They played a variety of music from their 5 albums, and one song off of their new album that has yet to be released. Of course, Mmmbop was played and the crowd went wild! I did not know they still had such a hard-core fan base still. People waited in line up to 5 hours ahead of the concert just so they could be in the front row, with their hand made ‘I love Hanson!’ signs.

The boys put on a great show and I would highly recommend seeing them if you ever get the opportunity. The chance to see Hanson play was fantastic and my teenage self jumped with joy! Eat to the Beat scores again!


We would like to thank Nicole for the guest post. Here she is posing with the “Big Cheese” himself!


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