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American Q the Place to ‘B’ for BBQ!

Published October 9, 2014 by Disneyways.com

B Resort & Spa at Lake Buena Vista is home to American Q – THE new hot place in town for anyone who craves a modern take on classic barbecue.


It all begins in this beautiful resort – formerly occupied by The Hotel Royal Plaza just outside Downtown Disney. Join me as we relive this wonderful culinary cowboy adventure, won’t you?


Upon arrival to the the B Resort – the wonderful smell of smoked meat coming from American Q was already beckoning us inside – and we knew we were in for a treat.


First, it was time for cocktails!


Normally more of a gin and tonic kind of guy – my husband went with the Moscow Mule. Ingredients included Russian Standard vodka, pickled ginger juice & ginger beer – and he really enjoyed it. What they don’t mention on the menu is how it comes in this awesome little copper barrel shaped mug. It was really unique, and added a special touch.


I went for the Strawberry Slush. Made with Fifty Pounds gin, Carpano Antica, fresh strawberries and lime with shaved ice. I was expecting a frozen drink, but this had a nice light, refreshing taste. Yummy!


Do not adjust your computer – what you are about to see is pretty amazing – and very real. This Bar Snack is called Swine Candy – and this photo made a pretty big splash on my facebook page! Take some smoked bacon, roast it with molasses and spice until crunchy… and you have yourself a little piece of salty, sweet, (and at times spicy) heaven! The spice is subtle and it will sneak up on you. Wait for a glass of water before you take your first bite – just in case you may need it.


Our next Bar Snack was the House Made Tater Tots. Creamy mashed potatoes fried to perfection in little bite-sized pieces with flavorful ketchup on the side. I think I am in love…


How about some Deviled Crab Stuffed Eggs? Deviled eggs with blue crab and remoulade…what’s not to like?


If this was all I got to eat for the rest of the night – I think I would have went home happy and satisfied! But we are still on the Bar Snacks, and there’s so much more!


Next up were the Starters – maybe you thought we “started” already? Think again!



The only thing I like as much as BBQ – is probably SIDES. I was very excited for the next portion of our evening, when we indulged in the all-you-can-eat FLATBED BUFFET served from the back of a cherry red ’51 Ford F1 pickup truck! Favorites included homemade soups and chili, a baked potato bar, peel and eat shrimp, a selection of hot and cold seasonal vegetables, pasta and potato salads, and a 20+ item salad bar all served from the flatbed! You can order the Flatbed Buffet for $34.95 $10 for kids age 7 and under – ala carte! This is an amazing value. Photo courtesy American Q!




Not from the Flatbed Buffet – but just as lovely – this wonderful sampling of various meats…


Next up was the star of the show: something American Q has creatively named Tableside Cowboy Carvings! Yep, they come to your table with 8 different meats and even vegetable brocette – all sliced to order! Turkey legs, bacon wrapped boneless chicken thighs, brisket of beef with Texas Bark, House made sausages…and more.


Photo credit American Q




I think there’s a lot of truth to the American Q saying that there’s smoke in their bones, vinegar their veins and the cowboys really do keep carving  until your tank is full! Endless options and great kids menu takes barbeque to at a whole new level here in Orlando.  Last but not least – self and valet parking are FREE if you are driving. If not, why not take a cab and break up your Disney vacation just a hop, skip and away at this amazing restaurant?! You won’t regret it! In the meantime you can follow them on facebook , Twitter, and check out their gorgeous website including full menus here.

Disclaimer: Recently my husband and I were treated to a complimentary dinner by the wonderful people at American Q – so that I could bring you photos and  an honest review. This did not influence my opinions. Our thanks to Jason at OrlandoFunandFood.com for the invitation!

I Am SO Excited!

Published April 4, 2014 by Disneyways.com



Have you ever been so excited about something that you could not wait to tell your friends?! That is what is happening to me today. I am trying not to jump up and down as I type this – thanks for letting me share with you before I bust!!!  Are you ready?

We polled several of our readers and travel agent friends — you asked for it —  and she delivered!

The sensational Sarah Norris of Gluten Free & Dairy Free at Walt Disney World has prepared a brand new (world premier!) webinar that will include your Top 10 Gluten Free Food Finds at Walt Disney World to be held on Thursday, April 17th, 2014 from 7:00 – 7:30 p.m. EST. This presentation is sponsored by Theme Park Concierges! Sarah has spent years researching at the parks, seeking out these items, taste-testing them all – just to bring you this fully comprehensive list!

Space is VERY limited and we want you to come join the party! I will be supporting our attending guests and Sarah by moderating this webinar.


So how do you know if this webinar is for you?

Well, we are looking for some very specific qualities in our attendees:

  • If you are a Walt Disney World fan on a gluten free or any special diet – you won’t want to miss this webinar.
  • If you just like getting free stuff – you won’t want to miss this webinar.
  • If you want a chance to win a 4 hour VIP Concierge Service at Walt Disney World, ($200 value!!) you won’t want to miss this webinar. *Park admission and travel expenses are not included in this prize.*
  • If you love learning about Disney food, and seeing beautiful photos of Disney food, you won’t want to miss this webinar.
  • If someone you love requires a gluten free diet and you will be visiting Disney World with them – you won’t want to miss this webinar.
  •  If you are a travel planner and you really want to make YOUR business stand out with all of your knowledge on this subject – YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THIS WEBINAR!


Sarah has spent an incredible amount of time and money compiling this list of top 10 gluten free food finds – and you will get to enjoy the fruits of her labor for a (dirt cheap!) $5 registration fee! You might even win your registration for FREE! Details on that are at the bottom of this post.

Class space is filling up fast, and I don’t want any of our friends be turned away – so don’t wait!!


This fantastic 30 minute webinar will include a 15 minute presentation on the top 10 gluten free food finds at Disney World and a 15 minute Q&A session. As if that weren’t already enough – everyone who attends will receive a FREE e-book of the top 10 gluten free food finds at Disney World, a bonus e-book AND a chance to win a 4 hour Personal VIP Concierge Service at the Walt Disney World Resort from Theme Park Concierges

Do you want to be a part of this webinar for FREE? SHARE this post on social media (send me your links or tag me!) and your name will then go in to a drawing to win a full refund of your $5 registration fee! Bonus entries for our blogger friends who post about about the webinar on their blog! “See” you at the webinar! 


AK Sarah

I got to be with Sarah, these executives, and Chef as they posed for my camera for this photo that we originally posted to the Chip & Co. website! Sarah is a total rock star with the Disney chefs!






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