World Secrets ~ Character Signed…Sidewalks?

Published April 27, 2013 by

This is one of the things I love about Walt Disney World.

I have lived here in Orlando all of my life. I remember visiting the parks when I was so small – my Mom wrote our phone number on my hand in case I got lost. I consider myself to be fairly familiar with the Disney magic.

Then it happens…again.

Just when I think I can’t be surprised by anything Walt Disney World does, just when I think I have seen it all – something new (to me!) comes along that makes my eyes tear up. Once again I have to put my hand to my heart – because I still feel that little Disney Princess inside of me – and she is jumping for joy.

Last night – as we were leaving the ticket and transportation center, I looked down at the sidewalk and saw this:

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When nobody was looking – each character must have taken the time to carefully leave a colorful chalk signature behind. Many guests were in a hurry and walked right over these treasures without even seeing them. Maybe I am missing something but I have NEVER seen this before. That’s why I am considering it a World Secret!

I am left wondering who drew the Disney bus with the directional arrow? Do you have a guess? Please leave a comment below!

Click here to read the Disney Diva’s Sidewalk Chalk Countdown to Walt Disney World.

If you are an art fan, and a sidewalk chalk fan, you won’t want to miss Festival of the Masters. Here is information on the 2012 edition.

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