Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride POV By Guest Author Karyn Locke

Published November 1, 2014 by Karyn Locke

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

During our visit last May to Magic Kingdom (and I’m sure every other guest experienced the same feeling during this time!), every time I walked by the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride with my family  while heading to the New Fantasyland expansion or to Tomorrowland, there was a pang of  envy at all of those families that booked their vacations two weeks after I did and would get to ride it opening week. The photo above shows my experience with Seven Dwarfs Mine Train last May- opening soon.

Fast forward to this October. Our bi-annual road trip to Walt Disney World conversations were filled with topics like “I wonder how smooth the ride will be?” and “I can’t believe we finally get to ride it!” My husband thought a fun idea would be to capture a POV of our ride, and I love it so much that I’m sharing it with Disneyways readers! So, here’s to you fine folks that maybe haven’t had a chance to ride yet, or those that want to relive those fun two-minutes filled with gems and joy.

We had such a blast on the ride, which The Kid described her experience as “the smoother version of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.”  We loved the fact that the mine carts sway along with the turns of the ride. Oh, and the mid-point where the ride slows down to let guests check out the Seven Dwarfs working in the mine is so beautiful. Fab job, Disney Imagineers!

Karyn Locke, Marketing and Social Media Guroo and Mid-America Guroo for trekaroo is a travel writer from Ohio that has a passion for all things Disney and a hankering for Dole Whip Floats at least three times a week. Also creator and blogger for Sand and Snow…and Everywhere in Between!  she’s happy to give Disney tips to anyone that asks and is pleased as punch that her family shares her love of the most magical place on earth.

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