An Interview with YeeHa Bob Jackson!

Published November 15, 2013 by


If you have ever wandered passed the River Roost Lounge in Disney Port Orleans Riverside Resort in the evening – you may have have heard the sounds of folks laughing, cheering, and singing along with the fantastic performer and Disney treasure that we all know as YeeHa Bob! Hopefully you’ve seen his show already, but if not, you will definitely want to take the time to check it out during your next visit to Walt Disney World. Bob is not to be missed!

He performs most nights of the week at the River Roost for 2 action packed shows. His talent, enthusiasm and energy are unmatched by almost anyone I have ever known. There is SO much to Bob, beyond the music, and he is truly an amazing man. We were so honored to have him as a guest on the Disney Parks Podcast.

Highlights of this interview with Bob:

  • Learning about all the places Bob has lived and visited – including the country of Norway!
  • Hear about Bob’s kids and where they are now
  • Find out what Bob does for fun and how he takes a break from work
  • Learn Bob’s secret to keeping up his energy the way he does…and so much more!


Here are some ways to tune in:

You can catch Bob’s episode by visiting directly from your computer. Look for the small grey circle with the sideways white triangle inside. Click on that circle and make sure your speakers are on. The show will begin immediately.

Please head over to iTunes and subscribeThis will give you access to each episode as soon as it is released. 

4 comments on “An Interview with YeeHa Bob Jackson!

  • I was hoping to catch the times & days that he is playing without listening to the podcast again… Can you add that please? We have been to WDW many times & even stayed at POR but have not taken the time to see him. I want to be sure to do this next time – in 185 days – but who’s counting?!

  • I am a Disney Nut and have been going at least 2x’s a year since the early 80’s a DVC member a FL Res. Seasonal pass holder, Have 2 of the bricks(walk around the world) and 1 tile at the Epcot Legacy pavilion. and had NEVER seen YeHaw Bob show till Dec. 2013 My mom and I go for a week every Dec. and I was looking online to see what we could do new this year and I saw a few post about Bob so I thought maybe we will check out this corny little show, it was going to be from 8:30 to 10 and we usually don’t stay out late anymore after walking around all day but were staying at OKW not far so I thought why not. My mom went along with the idea but was thinking not sure if I want to sty out that late and it sounds a little corny I mean really YeeHaw Bob ! But we were SO glad we did. We got there early had an appy and a lemonade. and waited for the show. It started filling up quickly, Bob came out started going around the tables and introducing himself. then started his show. It was hilarious, such a good time. Older folks, middle age, 20 something and kids we all had the most fun. You MUST go at least once. I am so upset I have missed ALL these years watching Bob, But now that will become a annual thing. Found out that he use to play music with his wife at a restaurant my brother was a souse chef at and he knew him. Small World After All!

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