AJ from the Disney Food Blog Answers Your Questions!

Published July 16, 2013 by Disneyways.com

Don’t you just love the subject of Disney FOOD? Most Disney fans who love Disney food are familiar with the fabulous AJ Wolfe and her fantastic website, DisneyFoodBlog.com.


A few moths ago, AJ graciously agreed to do an interview with us. Right away I sent out a call to action for you guys – all my friends and  readers here at Disneyways – and asked you to send in YOUR questions for AJ. Thank you so much to everyone who responded!

AJ recently sent me an email with all the answers to your awesome questions and she really made my day. I am so grateful to her for taking time out of her busy schedule to respond to us. I can not thank her enough! Please be sure to write to her on twitter, facebook, and visit her site often – I know she would love to hear from you! Also, don’t forget to check out the latest versions of all of AJ’s guides to Disney food! Without further adieu – here is our Q&A with AJ Wolfe.

1. John from Atlanta: What classic MK snack do you think needs a makeover?

It’s not so much a makeover, but I would love it if Walt Disney World would bring the same great garnishes to their Dole Whip floats that Disneyland currently uses. There’s something magical about a little umbrella and a cherry!

2. Heidi S. from McAlisterville, PA: I’m set in my ways and get a Dole Whip Float on every visit to the Magic Kingdom. However, I need to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. What do you recommend?

Have you tried the Citrus Swirl? It’s a great nod to Disney tradition as well, and has recently returned to the parks in its original form. A twisted combination of frozen orange juice and vanilla soft serve, you can even get this delicious treat as a float as well!


3.DisneyPirate Dave from Treasure Island FL:
Is there any information in the book for people with special dietary needs like diabetes, allergies, vegan, or other?

Absolutely! We at Disney Food Blog know it’s extremely important that guests with special dietary needs are able to access the information they need to have an enjoyable visit, so we have included an extensive section in The Disney Food Blog Guide to Walt Disney World Dining on special dietary needs. It’s chock full of tips, links, and resources that you can use to plan ahead, or while you’re on the go, to ensure a safe eating experience.

4. Samantha J. from Niagara Falls, Canada:
I always thought Disney could make a ton (like they need it!) and save their guests a lot by having a PARK refillable mug, what are your thoughts on this?

I’m up for anything that makes the Disney dining experience more enjoyable! That have been rumors that Disney was testing Park Mugs, but as of this date, we haven’t seen them come to fruition.

donald balancing food

5. Sarah N. from Sarasota FL:What is your best cost-effective snack tip (or best suggested item to use use DDPP snack credits on)? What do you consider the most decadent snack to be? What’s the most expensive snack you’ve seen?

My best cost effective tip would be this: don’t ever leave with unused snack credits! If you find yourself with leftover snack credits on the day you’re to leave, visit one of the confectioneries or gift shops that sell items you can take with you, and use your snack purchase to buy these edible souvenirs. Not using every last credit would be a shame!

I think, hands down, the myriad of ginormous Disney cupcakes available for a snack credit would have to win my vote for most decadent snack. They’re huge, and easily shareable between a couple of people. But the new salted caramel ganache at the Boardwalk Bakery is a close second!

The most expensive snacks are usually associated with the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. They regularly feature several of the higher-priced items for a snack credit. Last year, for instance, you could get lobster for a steal! That’s also another tip that I like to give readers: if you’ll be in Walt Disney World for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, which takes place September 27 — November 12, be sure to save your snack credits for a trip to the World Showcase Marketplace Booths!

keep calm epcot food and wine
6. You must know so much about Disney food already, but was there anything new that you learned while writing this book?

There is always something new to learn about Disney food! They are constantly trying new things, and experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. I think the biggest news this year will be how My Magic + will continue to impact the way that we go about making advance dining reservations. I see the potential for that to be a real game changer for how guests weave dining into their Disney experience.

7. Are you currently working on any new projects or books?

Always! We have just released our very first DFB Guide to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios Snacks, and it’s already a big hit! We are currently putting the final touches on our DFB Guide to the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival, which is available for pre-order (and includes the 2012 guide for free). Other books in the works are an updated guide to the Walt Disney World Holidays (which also includes the 2012 guide for free). Finally, we are continuing work on additions that focus on Disneyland Parks, and Dining with Kids in Disney World as well.

8. What is the next snack you plan on enjoying when you go to Magic Kingdom?

It might depend on cravings at the time, but I’d say there’s a better than good chance I’ll enjoy an ice cream cookie sandwich from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments! No trip would be complete without one!

9. How long will the new guide to snacks be available?

For the forseeable future! We take great pride in making sure that the information in the books is current and relevant, so we release new versions annually.

10. I know we all have, or will have our own reasons for loving the book. But what do you think makes your book the very best out there and who do you think will benefit most from it?

In a nutshell, there is no other Disney guide out there that provides a complete look at all things related to Disney food, but that doesn’t stop us from creating the BEST books we can. We have the knowledge and we have done the research to bring you the most comprehensive and truly useful guides to Disney dining possible, and our books are a fantastic resource for planning a vacation at Walt Disney World. We’re constantly dreaming up new ways to make our next versions even better than the previous ones.


Click here to browse all the latest e-guides that the Disney Food Blog has available to help you plan YOUR dining experiences on your next trip to Disney!

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