Interview questions for AJ!

Published April 29, 2013 by

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***Update April 28, 2013** We have reached our limit on questions. Thanks so much for sending them in!***

Most Disney fans are aware of the fabulous Disney Food Blog. Head author and creator AJ Wolfe and her team are a WONDERFUL source of information and photos – and we love linking back to them here at Disneyways. You may have noticed, we do it quite often!

AJ has released a fantastic new ebook that the whole world needs to know about, so I have asked her to share more about it here on Disneyways.

She has kindly agreed!

Am I star-struck? Um, YEAH! Just a bit.

I thought about it – and in doing my best Barbara Walters impression I realized – I don’t want to ask her the same questions everyone else does.

I want to ask her YOUR questions.

So what do you want to know about the Disney Food Blog Mini-Guide to Magic Kingdom Snacks? Over the next 24 hours I would like to collect your questions! So don’t delay – and leave them in the form below!

If your question is chosen, your first name, last initial and hometown will be posted here on Disneyways.

What are your thoughts?

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