Disney Podcasts!

Published July 23, 2012 by Disneyways.com

I recently started doing a mile a day on a treadmill in my living room. I guess I am still in the honeymoon stage because I look forward to my evening “walk” and have not missed a day since my friend Amy gave me the thing, and my son put it together for me.  Something I did not count on is how much fun I have had actually taking time to listen to some of my old favorite songs, almost completely without distraction. It is amazing how easily you can forget about the little things in life  when you are busy – even the little things that you really used to enjoy!  In case you were wondering, yes I still remember all the words to every Olivia Newton John song in history. I do have some Justin Timberlake and Usher thrown in as well, just so I can tell myself I am still young and cool.

Even when my teenage sons have friends over – I am not ashamed to belt out the songs (from Olivia or any other artist) as I walk. It is now just a price you pay for being a guest in my home. I figure since I  make them dinner, and I give them fair warning, they will just deal with it. So far – it’s worked out for us…my children haven’t lost any of their good friends…and I haven’t heard a whole lot of complaining.

Much to my delight – today I found a link on the internet to a whole bunch of Disney podcasts! These podcasts are usually hosted by Disney rats like myself and the content includes everything from the sounds of the parks, audio from the rides, Disney food reviews, Disney wedding tips,  and even Disney celebrity interviews. Today I listened to about an hour of the guy who does the voice in the Tower of Terror, just talking about some of the other cool Disney voice-over gigs he has had, and how he got started in the business. Quite possibly the most boring thing ever to some people, but fascinating to me. I just wanted to share the link with you today, in case you need a Disney distraction from work, while sitting in traffic, or- if like me – you are just doing housework and would rather be at Disney World! I am a new listener to the podcast scene so if you have any shows you particularly enjoy – please let me know what they are. I think the podcasts are fun and I can’t wait to listen to more. I hope you feel the same – and have a magical day!!


Here is a super cool write up on the new podcast app!

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    • I feel like I should insert a line from Spaceship Earth. LOL The forms of communication and expression we can take advantage of in these days are so plentiful. Thanks for the comment!

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