Talking Turkey at Disney with Andrew Zimmern

Published July 9, 2012 by

What’s with the ubiquitous Disney snack – the turkey leg?

They are a really big deal! Just like a rock band – they even have T-Shirts! You can find the shirts right in the shops of  Main Street at Disney World.

It’s one thing that probably won’t be in my wordrobe any time soon. I enjoyed this article in the Orlando Sentinel. It goes a little deeper into why a turkey appendage could possibly be a big deal at Disney, and what Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods thinks about it all. It looks like the author and I share a lot of similar feelings on the matter.

Here’s a link if you want to read more.

One comment on “Talking Turkey at Disney with Andrew Zimmern

  • Yeah…. I have tried to get into it, but I just don’t find it that delectable. I enjoy the chili lime corn on the cob that they have at Disneyland at the turkey leg carts. I wish WDW would start serving them.

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