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Enchanted Beauty Box Review by Guest Author Chris Frantz

Published January 17, 2016 by cfrantz323

When the team here at Disneyways offered me the chance to review the “The Force is Fierce” beauty box from Enchanted Beauty’s subscription service, it took all I had to respond in an adult fashion and not give in my baser instincts (ie, repeatedly shouting “GIMME” like a toddler…okay, fine, I may have yelled that as I typed something slightly more professional). As a lifelong Star Wars fanatic and full-time magpie (my husband jokes nothing that sparkles in a mile radius misses out on my ogling), it couldn’t be more tailored to my interests, and spoiler alert: I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed!

So, a little information about Enchanted Beauty: Per their website, it’s “a brand new Disney inspired monthly subscription box…to show off your Disney side, inner princess, Dark Side, theme park addict or even the villain inside of all of us!” Each month subscribers will receive “4 to 5 full-sized beauty products from well-known, popular, chic, and up-and-coming brands,” curated around each month’s specific theme. Subscribers pay $39.95 a month for their hand-picked packaged of goodies, including shipping (you’ll also receive tracking info on your package!).

boxOkay, now let’s get to the pretty, right? Right!

As a graphic designer I can’t help but take notes on visual presentation, and Enchanted Beauty scored high marks for starting the fun before I even opened the box with fun, poppy Star Wars tape securing the lid. Inside I found my treats cushioned in white, black, red and gold tissue – A+ color palette. My box’s theme was no doubt chosen to help celebrate the newly-released Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, but there’s no shortage of nods to the classic movies too. I got a chance to talk to Stacey, founder of Enchanted Beauty, and she let me know subscribers received either a “Light Side” or “Dark Side;” mine was a mix of both. You can see the contents in my photo, but here’s a detailed listing of what I got, with my notes:

  • Hard Candy eye shadow (“Make Believe,” 261). Stacey let me know it was chosen “because it looks like a moon and of course we all know the famous quote ‘that’s no moon,’” but it gives me a definite Death Star vibe too!
  • An adorable, handmade resin Chewie and Han necklace. It’s kind of abstract and made to look like pop art, so you can pay tribute to our favorite Star Wars BFFs in subtle style.
  • A star bracelet. It’d also make a great, in-theme extender if you want to rock your Han and Chewie necklace a little longer!
  • Hand-crafted Swarovski black crystal stud earrings. They’re from Etsy shop Sparkle & Steel and not only are they a solid everyday earring (reminiscent of the inky depths of space and a perfect pairing with your coolest Star Wars tees) but the packaging is great – they inform me that “Sparkle you must!” NO ARGUMENT HERE.
  • Heng Fang Cosmetics “Twist Up the Volume” waterproof mascara. A good staple, but you might be pushing your luck wearing it to your third viewing of SWVII since just the credits give you nostalgic weepies – sorry, more a note to self?
  • CoverGirl Star Wars Limited Edition Colorlicious Lipstick (Red #30). A very fierce color from the Dark Side collection. I own more red lipsticks than could be considered necessary (or healthy), but I’ve still had my eye on this one since its release, so I was stoked to get it!
  • A super cute Darth Vader keychain. It’s also a flashlight that makes lightsaber noises. LIGHTSABER NOISES. COME ON.

Overall it’s clear real thought and time was put into this collection, and I think it’s quite cool that – unlike a lot of beauty boxes – you receive accessories, too, and from small shops and makers to boot. The website notes while they’re working toward providing customers a taste profile in the coming months, they currently try to “only include items that all of [their] subscribers are able to enjoy [and] steer away from choosing any items that are age-specific or skin-tone specific,” which I think they succeeded at here. With the variety of fun stuff you’ll receive, this would be a great box for a few Disney geek pals or families with several Disney lovers of different ages in the house to split – this month’s box would provide sweet accessories for the younger geeks and on trend makeup for teens and ladies alike. (And if there isn’t a fight over the keychain by all parties – I REPEAT: LIGHTSABER SOUNDS – then we come from very different households. Even our cats want in on that one!)

If the price gives you pause, check this out: you can use the code WELCOME2016 at checkout for 25% off! There are also several options to purchase (monthly, if you’re just sweet on a given theme; three month, six month and twelve months prepay). You can find out more here on Enchanted Beauty’s site, and you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for all the latest on each month’s theme (next up is Frozen!), plus make up tips and more!

That’s all from me – thanks for the opportunity, Disneyways! (Don’t worry, readers – like the Force, the keychain will be with me. Always.)

Disclaimer: I was offered Enchanted Beauty’s subscription box for the month at no cost in exchange for my honest review. In communicating for this article I also struck up a business relationship with this business’s owner and will be creating marketing materials for them as a part of my graphic design business. This review was completed before this business relationship takes effect and does not influence my opinion in any way. All thoughts are my own.


Chris Frantz – seen here getting beauty tips from a fellow ginger – is a happily married mother of three furry “kids,” lifelong nerd and Walt Disney World fanatic. She’s also the graphic designer and owner of On A Roll Designs. She’d consider letting you play with the flashlight if you like her on Facebook and swing by her Etsy store to see how she can help you put your best aesthetic foot forward to commemorate special events and promote your blogs, shops, websites and small businesses with adventurous designs at affordable prices!

The Wisdom Of Walt Book Review

Published October 13, 2015 by ltdjosh



Anyone that knows me knows that I’m very skeptical about “self-help” things. Anything proclaiming to help you achieve a greater level of success, wealth, fame, etc makes me want to cringe. So anytime I get a book to review that I define as a self-help type of book, I go at it with a raised eyebrow and, unfairly, a biased mind. However, this is the second book that I have reviewed in this category that has truly blown me away. The first was Joe Pardo’s “31 Life Changing Concepts” book (see my review here). The second is an amazing book by author Dr. Jeffrey A. Barnes entitled “The Wisdom Of Walt: Leadership Lessons From the Happiest Place on Earth”.

Obviously since I’m writing on a website titled Disneyways, I love all things Disney. This book really stood out to me simply based on the title. However, I had no idea just how amazing and life-changing it could really be. I’ve spent years learning and reading about Walt Disney’s life: how this determined young man from Kansas (and Missouri and Chicago and California) wouldn’t let anything stand in his way; how he fought through many obstacles to get where he was; how he turned hardships into life lessons. I honestly thought I had a pretty good impression of who Walt was until I read this book. Dr. Barnes delves so much deeper into Walt’s life and uncovers just some of what made Walt into Walt Disney. For instance, how he took his personal tragedies and turned them into professional successes. Each chapter of this book uncovers another little nugget of pure gold that can really help the reader accomplish his or her goals in a very realistic and easy to understand way.

The format of this book is very different from any other book I have read. In the introduction, Dr. Barnes lays out what he calls his “guidemap” explaining how the book works. Under the chapter title you will find a quote from Walt Disney, going back to the original source for the inspiration of that chapter. Second, you’ll find a story about Disneyland, taking it all back to where everything really began (and alluding to what Dr. Barnes was doing when he came up with the concept of this book: teaching a course on the History of Disneyland). Third, you have the actual lesson to be learned in that chapter. Fourth, you have what Dr. Barnes calls a “Souvenir Stop”. Much like leaving at the end of a long day at Disneyland, this is a time for you to gather a treasure to take home with you, always to remind you of your journey. And last, you have the hand stamp. Much like when you are visiting Disneyland and decide to head out for a bit, only to come back a the end of the day, the hand stamp shows where you have been and where you are going. Obviously, I don’t explain it nearly as well as Dr. Barnes does, but these are the essences of “The Wisdom of Walt”. The book isn’t simply a random collection of thoughts and principals, but something with great order and civility, something to inspire each and every person that enters into it, similar to Disneyland Park itself.

Some of the amazing life lessons that can be taken from this book and, indeed, from Walt’s life include: Sitting on a park bench, telling stories, building a berm, using forced perspective (my absolute favorite), creating e-ticket experiences, waiting in line, and having a next, always. No matter where you turn in this text, you are guaranteed to come away with something. And at the end of each chapter there are exercises designed to really make you think, rather than just simply reading and being complacent. These thoughts can be compiled in a list and set to the side to be browsed at your leisure and to remind you of your journey. This is definitely a book I will reference for years to come as I continue to ‘listen to your “walter” ego’. Thank you Dr. Barnes. And thank YOU Walt. For everything.

To purchase your copy of “The Wisdom Of Walt: Leadership Lessons From the Happiest Place on Earth”, click here.

To learn more about Dr. Jeffrey A. Barnes, author and speaker extraordinaire, click here.


Joshua Snyder is an avid Disney fanatic. He recently moved back to Indiana after spending 2 years living his dream in Orlando, FL. When Josh isn’t dreaming about the parks, he’s helping people plan their dream vacations. As a Dream Designer with My Mickey Vacation, Josh loves helping people make their Disney dreams come true. He is also the senior writer and head of the writing team at Living The Dream Podcast. Josh can be reached at for travel agent inquiries, or at for all other inquiries.

Disney Beauty with Jay – Bring Out Your Good Side with Urban Decay’s Glinda Palette!

Published February 21, 2013 by Jay

It’s almost time for the release of Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful and I’m so unbelievably excited! I’ve been a Disney fan my whole life and have always leaned more towards the imaginative, fantastical tales. Needless to say, I’ve been antsy to see Disney’s spin on a prequel to the Wizard of Oz ever since I heard it was in production. Even better? Companies in the fashion and beauty worlds have been releasing Oz-themed products leading up to the premiere. Of course I had to get my hands on them and today I bring you Urban Decay’s Glinda palette, inspired by the good witch of Oz.


The inspiration

Every photo in this post is set to enlarge when  you click on it – to show detail. The Glinda palette features 6 pans of eyeshadow, a high-gloss lip pencil, and a travel-sized eyeliner. The color palette is feminine and delicate, with a little edge thrown in. Glinda is described by Urban Decay as “graceful, fearless, and bewitchingly beautiful,” and this palette embodies those traits perfectly.

No flash pan

Top row, left to right: Tornado, Aura, Magic
24/7 Glide-on Eyeliner in Rockstar (a deep purple)
Bottom row, left to right: Illusion, Oz, South


Palette and pencil

I immediately snapped up this palette because I think the colors are gorgeous, plus Urban Decay is one of my favorite beauty companies. They make products with amazing pigmentation and lasting power, so I know I’ll get plenty of use out of this palette. I’ve been playing with the pieces of this palette ever since I brought it home with me, but today bring you one of my favorite looks. Below are photos of the eye look, step by step – directions are in each photo caption. At the very end I’ll show you my before and after shot for comparison.

Highlight your brow bone & inner corner using Aura. I chose the pink side of this dual-pan.

Highlight your brow bone & inner corner using Aura (the irridescent split pan). I chose the pink side of this dual-pan.

Apply Illusion, the peach shade, across the lid. This color is a close match to my lid shade, but I assure you it's there!

Apply Illusion, the peach shade, across the lid. This color is a close match to my lid shade, but I assure you it’s there!

Use Magic (the pink shade with gold shimmer) to the crease, extending it out past the eye in a wing.

Use Magic (the pink shade with gold shimmer) to the upper lid and crease, extending it out past the eye in a wing.

Have trouble getting a clean wing extension? Try using a folded tissue as a guide.

Have trouble getting a clean wing extension? Try using a folded tissue as a guide.

Apply South (the silvery taupe) to the inner half of your lid, just below the crease. Blend with Illusion and Magic where they meet.

Apply South (the silvery taupe) to the inner half of your lid, just below the crease. Blend with Illusion and Magic where they meet.

Blend Tornado (the warm purple) along the outer V of your eye, extending it along your lower last line. Blend where it meets Magic and Illusion.

Blend Tornado (the warm purple) along the outer V of your eye, extending it along your lower last line. Blend where it meets Magic and Illusion.

Line top and bottom lash lines with the Rockstar liner and apply mascara. I also applied falsies for a little extra oomph.

Line top and bottom lash lines with the Rockstar liner and apply mascara. I also used the metallic silver of the Oz shadow along my lower last line and applied falsies for a little extra oomph.

You’re all done! This look is a quick, easy way to play with the majority of the colors in the palette. It’s feminine and delicate, but still is a step outside the average shadow look. When eyes are open, it looks pretty – the wow factor comes in when your lower your eyes, giving a peek at the whole lid. I dabbed on a little blush, then used the Glinda lip pencil included with the palette to color in my whole lip. Ready to see a before and after? Click to enlarge:





Kisses for a sweet look!

Kisses for a sweet look!

What do you think? Do you identify with the good witch? Think you could pull off her feminine but fearless look?

Next up – bringing out your dark side with the Urban Decay Theodora palette!

About Me –

My name is Jay and I’m new to the blogging scene! I’m a teacher in my mid-20’s and also work at a beauty retailer, which means I frequently get the inside scoop on new trends and products.

I have a love for beauty in all its forms and my blog Wayfaring Beauty reflects that. I have a dual focus on my blog – beauty and travel. Posts focus primarily on beauty products, but may occasionally collide with themes of places or veer off-course to highlight other things that I find beautiful in this world (such as places I’ve traveled or cultures I’ve encountered). I’ve traveled to countries in North America, South America, Europe, and Africa; my goal is to someday be able to say that I’ve stepped foot on every continent. I’ve been to Disney several times and love all things Disney-related, so Disneyways is the perfect spot for me to guest blog  🙂

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Guest Review: Downtown Disney AMC Dine-in Theater

Published May 2, 2012 by

This guest review is written by Laura Smeltzer who has been a friend of mine for about 20 years. Laura is a mother-to-be and if it’s one thing expectant Mommies know (speaking from my own experience)…it’s FOOD! If you watch the slide show long enough, you will see Laura’s picture. Laura paid a recent visit to AMC Downtown Disney 24 which is an AMC Dine-in theater location and I asked her to share her experience. Questions or comments about this blog can be posted here and I will make sure they get to Laura.

Have a magical day!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

AMC Dining Experience
“I have done the dining experience twice at Disney. Both times I went online and reserved my ticket. This was nice because you chose the seat you will be sitting in.
As you enter the theater there is an attendant to help you find your seat. Each row contains 4 seats. The seats are roomy and comfortable. There is a small table that runs the length of the row and a button on the table for each seat. When you are ready to order you push the button and wait for a server.
My first experience my husband and I attended the movie as a date night. As soon as we were seated our server approached and took our drink order. While waiting for our drinks we were able to look over the menu and decide on what we wanted. For appetizer we ordered the fried mozzarella batons. For dinner I ordered the chicken fingers and my husband ordered the Southwest Chicken wrap.
Our appetizer came out as the movie was beginning. The mozzarella was hot and crisp and very tasty. The serving is enough for two to three people. Small amount of marinara sauce came with the sticks. It was the right amount for us but if you are someone who enjoys marinara sauce ask for an extra serving.
Right as we finished our appetizer our meal came out. My husband enjoyed his wrap. He said it tasted fresh and was the perfect amount for dinner. I wish I could say the same about the chicken tenders. The fries that came with the chicken was delicious. The chicken tenders were sub par to say the least. I have bought better chicken tenders from the freezer section of the grocery store. I realize that I am paying more for the experience but $12 for chicken tenders, well, I would have preferred fresh tenders.
We never once had to ask for a refill. We finished our dinner about half way during the movie and decided to order a small popcorn. This was brought very quickly.
While eating a very low light stays on that runs the length of the table. At first I thought this would be disruptive to the movie but I didn’t notice it at all during the movie. Near the end of the movie I noticed our check was laying on the table. My husband paid with a credit card and handed back to the server. There was no distraction at all to the movie with the handling of paying for dinner.

I was so pleased with the overall experience that I recommended to a few friends of mine as a girls night out.
Sadly to say our experience was completely different.
We arrived and found our seats and decided on our drinks. We pushed the buttons and waited…..and waited…and waited. The server came up as the previews were starting and took our drink order and appetizer order…..I again ordered the mozzarella batons.
After a short time we placed our order for dinner. I ordered the Tuscan Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza, my friends ordered the fish and chips basket and the classic Chicken Quesadilla.
My friends Fish and chip basket came out first, even before my mozzarella sticks. About 15 minutes into the movie and about 5 minutes after the fish and chips came out the mozzarella stick arrived. We finished the mozzarella sticks and the chicken quesadilla arrived. By the time that both of my friends finished their dinner the flat bread pizza came out. Overall the food was delicious!!!! Each of us had hot fresh food that was tasty….however, I was disappointed that even though we ordered everything at the same time that it all came out separate.
The rest of the experience was the same as before and very pleasant. The servers were not distracting from the movie and paying for the bill was very simple.
At first my husband said he felt it was quite a pricey experience, however, after we thought about it we agreed that it would be about the same cost as if we had gone to a restaurant first and then a movie.In the future we do plan on attending again and trying different food.”

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