Seasonal Uptates Coming to The Magic, The Memories, and You

Published April 26, 2012 by

Have you seen The Magic, The Memories, and You?

Just in case you aren’t familiar, it is a spectacular show that takes place each night before the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.

I’m a big fan of the fireworks but this…well I can’t even describe how awesome I think this is. The music is beautiful. I’m such a Disnerd –  I like to listen to it in my car.

Video doesn’t really do it justice but here is a pretty good try (turn on your sound):

Disney updates the show seasonally with themed overlays and some festive elements. If you’ve had your photo taken that day by a Disney photopass photographer – make sure you look closely. You, and thousands of others watching the show, just might see that picture of you in your Goofy hat.

Disney announced yesterday they will have a new scene for the summer where Cinderella Castle will turn in to a giant sandcastle. Here’s a picture they released to kind of give us a sneak peek.


Inside the Magic has some more really cool news on updates!

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