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How to Type the Classic Mickey Symbol for iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac

Published June 6, 2013 by

Classic Mickey Symbol °o°


Have you ever seen one of these °o° and wondered how to do it? It’s pretty simple and comes in handy when you are a Disney fan!

First you make the ear on the left side. On a PC, press and hold the ALT key – and on the number pad press 1 6 7 and then release all the keys. You should now see the left ear.

Then you can use a lowercase o

a zero

or a capital O for the head.

It’s just a personal preference.

I like the lowercase o.

Then just repeat the ALT 1 6 7 to create the ear on the right. °o°

For Mac users, press and hold the ALT + 0 (zero) release, then the small letter o as in open, and ALT + 0 again. °o°

You can make Mickey on an iPhone and iPad too!

Press and hold the zero in the number keyboard and the ° will appear as a choice next to it.

Keep your finger on the screen and slide it to the left over the degree symbol to type it in.

°o° YAY Mickey!



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