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The Disney, The Dreamers, and Me

Published September 27, 2013 by

It seemed like we talked about it for a year – but the date of the Disney Dreamer facebook group meetup (2013) finally arrived. It was a HOT September day…I had a crazy morning before I left the house…and some plans with my family that evening. I was very thankful to be able to work it out so that I could still visit with the Disney Dreamers that afternoon as planned!

This video has some crazy music that will begin as soon as you hit play. I am new at the whole video thing so please don’t judge!! ūüôā

Lots of ladies and a few gentlemen showed up for the occasion.¬†What a wonderful treat to see some of these girls from the group who I have known since the early days of the blog. Samantha, and¬†Tamara¬†¬†who have even been guest authors, and sweet Krista…my partner on the Princess facebook page! (Sorry I can’t name everyone, but you guys know who you are! ;))

In addition Рthere were about a couple of dozen new friends there Рincluding Aunesty (of TemporaryTourist fame!), and I always enjoy hanging out with the local Disney Dreamers too!


My worst and only “problem” that afternoon was wondering if we would all get soaked riding those new boats that Disney had placed in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction…(I think the majority of us stayed pretty dry by the way.)

Aren’t Disney meetups just the greatest?! Have you enjoyed some magical gatherings at the parks? What are some of your memories of those times? Please leave them in the comments section below!

Epcot’s UK and Canada Paviion Phone Booths are Ringing in the Magic!

Published January 5, 2013 by

Do you remember seeing these on your last visit to Epcot’s World Showcase? Perhaps you or your family members have climbed inside and posed for photos?

Even if you’ve never been to Epcot at all, you may have heard about the phone booths. So where exactly are they? You will find them in the United Kingdom pavilion¬†located close to the restrooms. These restrooms are on the right as you come into the pavilion from the Canadian side. There is also a lesser-known Canadian phone booth.

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Here’s how to find that one:

On the way up the stairs at the Canada pavilion, you can see the coat of arms of the “Canadian National Hotels.” Just a few more steps and you’ll see that elusive Canadian phone booth. It looks very similar to the ones in the UK.

Did you know they are working phone booths? They really are! Some sources say you can make outbound calls from them and some say you can not. One thing is for sure…you can make an inbound call to the phone booths when ever you’d like.

Are you missing Disney and need to add a little magic to your day? Give the phone booths a call! Sometimes you will hear a busy signal or a fax machine. Other times a Disney guest will pick up and be so shocked to hear your voice on the other end that they just hang up. However, there are lots of great stories about Epcot visitors who will talk to you about everything from the Florida weather, the restaurants, crazy drivers, and maybe even local places to find great frozen yogurt. If you reach ME РI promise to talk your ear off.

Locals and other guests taking a day trip to Epcot sometimes enjoy using their cell phones to play jokes on their friends. Tales abound about calling other members of their own party to surprise them with their best Goofy or Donald impression! Give it a try! You know you want to.

I just met you, and this is crazy, but¬†here‘s¬†the numbers – call them maybe?

(Sorry — I couldn’t resist! Here’s the video if you don’t get the joke.)

Have you called before? How did it go? Do you plan on calling?

Please share your story!

My 2012 Experience with “3D” – Disney’s Dessert Discovery Party

Published October 8, 2012 by

Even though I was born and raised in Orlando, I didn’t know about 3D Disney’s Dessert Discovery Party until I actually took a job booking Disney dining for guests. Most of us that are born here have heard of the Epcot Food and Wine Festival but really don’t know much about it, we only think we do. When I excitedly tell my friends and family that the Epcot food and wine festival is coming – I usually get a raised eyebrow and the same question, Isn’t that the thing where you get to try food and wine from all the countries?”

Well… yes… but it’s also the chance to book some wonderful experiences, demos, and tastings – the way only Disney could do them. You just might even meet some TV stars, and you’ll¬†definitely¬†get ¬†a chance to rock out to some tunes¬†courtesy¬†of some of ¬†the best bands of the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. But these are just the Food and Wine Festival opportunities that Disney tends to focus¬†their¬†advertising on. There is so much more to enjoy!

You may want to book early for the Dessert Party, although there still seem to be seats available for this year. ¬†If you are planning ahead – and you enjoy this sort of thing – you will want to start studying up on what’s new, what’s popular and what’s changed…beginning in early August, and even July 2013.

Events like this one are VERY popular and sometimes sell out on the first day we can book them.

I had been reading about Epcot’s “3D” Dessert Discovery Party¬†for years. It sounded like a wonderful experience – and being the dessert lover that I am, I thought, how could I go wrong?

“Join us for a dessert lover’s dream at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2012! Indulge in decadent desserts and cordials, then enjoy a V.I.P. viewing of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

Where: World ShowPlace Events Pavilion, located between the Canada Pavilion and the United Kingdom Pavilion in World Showcase.

When: Fridays, October 5, 12 and 26 and November 2 from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Cost: $55 per person, plus tax. Gratuity included. Epcot Theme Park admission required.

For General Admission reservations, please¬†book online¬†or call (407) WDW-FEST or (407) 939-3378. Space is limited, so be sure to book in advance.:”

You read that right — FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS plus tax. Whew!! Pretty steep for me. I justified it as a “research” expense for my readers and busted out my credit card on the very first day of bookings. After months of waiting, the¬†occasion¬† finally arrived. October 5th fell on a Friday this year. All this time I thought I would be going by myself, but I was pleasantly¬†surprised to have my neighbor Tristan express interest in coming along. Luckily she was able to book a seat just in time – and we were off on our quest to discover wonderful Disney desserts.

We were headed to The World Showplace Events Pavilion. It is located between the Canada and UK pavilions in World Showcase at Epcot. This is where they hold many of these type of special events. I think it looks so pretty at night. This photo belongs to Рthe rest are from Disneyways.

The party didn’t start until 8PM, so Tristan and I decided to sample some of the best and most popular eats that the Food and Wine Festival had to offer. ¬†Before taking off though, I double checked with a cast member who told us we would be given a wrist band upon entrance – and they can usually just look up the reservation by last name. People were already lining up by 7pm – but Tristan and I were hungry – and we are not much for lines. At $55 a seat we figured it wasn’t a big rush, Epcot could afford to save 2 seats and some desserts for us. This proved to be a smart decision. There were a lot of people – but the¬†pavilion¬†is BIG, and the dessert stations are¬†plentiful – so there was no shortage of food or seats when we got in.

After our snacks from the kiosks of the “world” we checked in at the podium and were handed some pretty cool 3D glasses. ¬†There is just no way to describe what you see through these things unless you look at these chandeliers and imagine Mickey icons being all around them.¬†

From here we were treated to the sounds of a live band singing all your typical “sweet” and “candy” themed songs…Sugar SugarLollipopCandy…you get the idea.

I loved the music and thought the band was great. But that’s no surprise – I’m pretty cheesy like that.

The very end of this blog contains a link where you can learn more about the details, dates, and how to book the 3D Disney’s Dessert Discovery Party.

Today I wanted to take you on pictorial and video tour of my personal¬†experience¬†– but first – here’s a few Disneyways tips:

  1. Don’t sweat the long line -unless you really want to be one of the first ones inside! There are plenty of food and seats for everyone – and you won’t have to be in the serving lines nearly as long if everyone else has gotten¬†their desserts already.
  2. Have a snack before you go – something substantial. I¬†recommend¬†the Coq Au Vin from the French Kiosk! There is a “Savory” station but of course that is the longest line during the first hour of the party. This is really a time where you can eat dessert first! Pace yourself and go back for the savory stuff later – you’ll be glad you did!!
  3. Do NOT miss the donuts flambé! They are bathed in sugar are cooked in a pan of rum Рright in front of you! 

4. I am not much for alcohol but even I had to try the flavored vodka!  

5. I mixed it with some of the blue lemon-aid and Tristan suggested I call it the Krista Cocktail. Feel free to try it OR you could mix some flavored vodka with the Chocolate or Cranberry Water they had available and create your own signature drink!

Overall, the event was fabulous, and more than I expected. One of the best parts of the party however, is the special fireworks viewing area.

We were literally right on by the water – and I got some cool video.

Watching the fireworks through the special 3D glasses they had given us earlier was pretty much the coolest thing I had ever seen. There was no way to film it through the glasses – but believe me I tried! In fact, much to my¬†embarrassment, you can hear my reaction and see how I turned the video camera sideways – without even realizing it. Listen closely before that… and you’ll hear the Dad behind me telling his son “I SEE MICKEYS!” Awesome.

¬† SO – if you are big on sweets, booze, fireworks, and feeling like you are getting VIP treatment – you may want to look in to the “3D Dessert Discovery Party” as I like to call it! In closing, here are some pictures of the food stations, atmosphere, and fun!

To learn more about booking your own 3D Party – including Sweet Seats click here.

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