Inside Look! Disney Parks Podcast Festival of Fantasy Edition

Published March 14, 2014 by


We are super excited about the latest episode of the Disney Parks Podcast! We had an exciting round table discussion with an esteemed panel of guests who were ALL present for it’s actual debut at Walt Disney World!! Spoiler Alert  – if you want the parade to be a surprise – you will want to skip this episode. Thank you to our esteemed panel for participating in this discussion! 

Bill Iadonisi is a writer and blogger for some websites like MickeyNews, DBTN, TheMagicInPixels and much more. His main love is the how’s and why’s of the attractions, and the secrets behind them.He is also a Disney History buff as well and we hope to tap into that knowledge tonight as well. @MickeyNews1

Ramon Rodriguez is with Theme Park and offers VIP Tours to Disney guests at affordable prices! Find more on Ramon at OR at You can also follow him at

Jason Mayhew works as a paramedic here in the Orlando area but he also covers all of your Orlando theme parks and more at Follow him on twitter and instagram @MedicMayhew to find out about monthly theme park meetups and so much more!

Finally a man who needs no introduction (because you’ll get it all in a prerecorded session at the end of the show) The man, the myth, the legend and the star of the Disney Parks Podcast….The terrific Tony Caselnova from


Look for the grey circle with the white triangle inside. Click on that and make sure your speakers are on! The show will begin immediately!

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