November Meetup with the Disney Parks Podcast

Published October 21, 2013 by


We always have a lot of fun – and it’s a great way to meet other Disney fans and make new Disney friends!


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Saturday November 23rd come and join us as we set sail around Bay Lake and visit all the lounges along the way.

Blue Launch watercraft transportation ends at 11:30pm but route may vary depending on demand.
Times and places are subject to change due to weather and other factors:

We will begin at the TerriTONY Lounge (also known as the Territory Lounge in Wilderness Lodge!) 4PM – 5PM

We will then sail to Ft. Wilderness! Time permitting, we will head to Crockett’s Tavern in Ft Wilderness and from there – we will catch the bus to the Chip ‘n Dale meet and greet at the campfire sing-a-long.
(Fire lighting is at 6:30 with the sing-a-long starting at 7pm-7:30pm)
We will then sail to the Contemporary Resort to enjoy The Wave Lounge, and then board the boat back to the Wilderness Lodge some time before 11:30pm (The Wave Lounge closes at midnight.)

No park admission necessary, but drinks and food are on you.

Fun and games and other wild things we can think of can be enjoyed by all.

We are looking for individuals and small businesses to sponsor giveaways, s’mores supplies, and goody bags for this event!

Please contact me for information!

We hope you will join us so we can meet you!!

Get up to the minute information on this event and more by following us on Facebook and Twitter!


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