World Secrets: What is in the Tunnels?

Published June 10, 2013 by

Did you know that when you walk around the Magic Kingdom you are lifted one story off the ground…literally and figuratively? According to modern legend, Walt Disney was bothered by the sight of a cowboy walking through California Disneyland’s Tomorrowland en route to his post in Frontierland. He felt that such a sight was jarring, and detracted from the guest experience. When the new “Florida Project” was being planned, imagineers designed utilidors (or underground tunnels) to keep park operations out of guests’ sight. Pretty brilliant if you ask me!


Smaller utilidor systems are built under the central section of Epcot’s Future World, primarily beneath Spaceship Earth and Innoventions, and at Pleasure Island.
Parts of Fantasyland, including the Cinderella Castle, are at third-story-level (this is why the Castle seems to loom so large as you approach it via Main Street, USA). The ground’s incline is so gradual that guests do not realize they are ascending to the second and third stories. Here’s another bit of trivia: the Magic Kingdom is built upon soil which was removed from what is now the Seven Seas Lagoon.

I was taken through the tunnels as part of my training at Disney University. I think this is pretty normal as part of orientation for all new Cast Members. So why are pictures and video so hard to find on the internet? Check out this post from Kate at YoHo YoHo A Blogger’s Life for Me to get your answer to that and more! Kate shares with you pretty candidly about her personal take on the tunnels, and what’s in them, as she worked as a Walt Disney World Cast Member!

You can read it all on her blog right here! Thank you so much Kate for sharing!

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