World Secret – The sooner we can get a margarita in Mexico, the better.

Published April 20, 2012 by

Navigating Disney crowds can be crazy some times. Here’s an idea that might help when you are in Epcot!

Take the Future World East & West Pathways to World Showcase!

These pathways are visible to several guests, but for some reason many guests choose to go back through to Future World Plaza and take the main path at the center of EPCOT connecting Future World to World Showcase.  If you have a Fastpass for Soarin  later in the day it’s great to get to there via these pathways.  If you simply want to leave Future World East or West you can get to World Showcase bay taking these peaceful and tranquil pathways. Both provide great scenery of EPCOT, especially during EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Festival – going on right now!  These pathways do get narrow at certain points and therefore can get congested. Still, I think this is a great tip! Anything to get us to the frozen Margaritas in Mexico a little faster – right?

What are your thoughts?

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