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Get Your Ruby Slippers Ready! Oz the Great and Powerful – is it Really All That Great?

Published March 11, 2013 by Disneyways.com


I wouldn’t have it any other way….between my husband and two teen-aged boys, I am out-numbered by men in my home. Even our pug Gizmo is a boy.

I lovingly joke that (at least for now!) I am the only one who doesn’t get 5 o’clock shadow. You never know what menopause will bring for me.

Besides the occasional popular TV series, my family’s choices in quality viewing entertainment couldn’t be more different. That’s why it was nothing short of a miracle when the Oz previews started to appear on TV and everyone in my house agreed that they wanted to see it.

My reasons of course, Oz is a family Disney movie, it’s rated PG – and (BONUS!) it was playing opening night at the AMC Dine-In Theater Downtown Disney. I followed my heart down the yellow brick road – and in a twitch of Glinda’s wand – I pulled up Fandango on my computer and bought my family’s tickets. I am not one to spend money a movie, especially in a theater. I justified it as being a tax-deductible cost of doing business. Research – for the blog.

My next thought? I wonder if we could use this as a reason to meetup with some Disneyways readers? There are so many that I would really love to meet in person! With that, the facebook and blog invitations went out, and I did my very best to make sure everyone, near and far, knew they were welcome.

Disneyways blogged about Oz fashion. We welcomed our spectacular new guest blogger Jay – who did a fabulous job reviewing the Oz makeup palettes, both the Theodora and Glinda versions. I posted photos of the Oz garden in Epcot – all in anticipation of the movie release.

Just in case we had some folks turn out for the meetup, I prepared some goody bags as a thank you gift. The bags included bubbles, in honor of Glinda the good witch of Oz, and her preferred method of transportation. Before we knew it – March 8th arrived – and it was a GORGEOUS cool Florida evening. The kind of weather I dream of having all year long. Our small yet mighty group of 10 arrived, introductions were made, necks were hugged, and we all settled in to watch this highly anticipated movie. We enjoyed Ghiradelli’s and some shopping afterwards.

I am not a movie critic – so I don’t want to try and act like I understand things like cinematography, visual graphics, or surround sound. I have provided a link below to Commonsensemedia.org if you were looking for that sort of thing. But I know what I like, and I just want to share without giving too much away, that in my opinion, this movie was more than great – it was absolutely fantastic.

Oz the Great and Powerful has something for everyone. Children will enjoy the wonder and magic (although there were a couple of startling/scary parts that made ME jump a little in my seat), teenagers will enjoy seeing some of their favorite modern day actors in such different roles, adults will enjoy the beautiful imagery, romance and fun. Those adults who are more “seasoned” will enjoy looking for the quiet subtleties and connections that are reminiscent of the original Wizard of Oz film from 1939.This is all speculation on my part of course – but if you see the movie I think you will recognize all the things I am mentioning here.


In closing – I highly recommend spending the extra money to go see this film in theaters. If you are reading this a year or 10 years from 2013 – check out the DVD – upload it to your flying car – whatever you have to do. I believe it was worth the effort and expense. In fact, you may just want to take it a step further and come see the beautiful gardens that celebrate Oz in this year’s Epcot Flower and Garden Festival.

In my humble opinion, I think you will be glad you did that too.

Have you seen Oz yet? What did you think of it?

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