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Big Thunder Mountain opened for testing yesterday!

Published May 27, 2012 by

Twitter was buzzing yesterday with announcements that Big Thunder was testing! It seems like we’ve been waiting for construction to finish forever but testing means we are so close to the grand re-opening! Monday is the official first day we can take the wildest ride in the wilderness – and I for one – am so excited I can hardly stand it. Check out these amazing pictures and posts from bloggers who were actually there!

John Frost, one of my blogging heroes, actually got to RIDE Big Thunder yesterday! Check out his write –up if you are interested in his honest review! There’s going to be a wider queue with added show scenes AND….wait for it….air conditioning!!! Yippee!!

Check out John’s post here

I think this photo is  really neat. Who are these strange, white, faceless Disney fans?

Click here to see some more really clear, beautiful pictures from Big Thunder testing yesterday from

This might be my favorite picture of all. Thanks lady construction worker!

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What do you think? Are you going to head out for the big day tomorrow? Please send me your pictures and stories from the big day! My email address is

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