Spray On The Glitter…So Much Fun!

Published November 7, 2015 by ltdjosh


The newest craze has finally arrived…Spray On The Glitter Custom Bows! Spray On The Glitter Boutique creates handmade and custom bows for any occasion, and even has amazing bows specially made to fit Disney MagicBands. Yes, you heard that right: You can now get a handmade bow for your MagicBand! Naturally, being a guy, I was a little skeptical about this, but the fun side of me jumped in and said “Think of your daughter someday strolling along Main Street with a cute custom handmade bow on her MagicBand, and one in her hair, and….on and on”.


Sofia does an amazing job putting just the right combinations together to create the perfect bow every time. You never know what she’ll come up with next, but it’s guaranteed to be a smash hit. Be sure to check her out on Instagram and check out her Etsy store. Use coupon code “disneyways15” (no spaces) to get 15% off your purchase – NO MINIMUM REQUIRED!!!


10277448_10152220823381036_4050401386084466142_nJoshua Snyder is an avid Disney fanatic. He recently moved back to Indiana after spending 2 years living his dream in Orlando, FL. When Josh isn’t dreaming about the parks, he’s helping people plan their dream vacations. As a Dream Designer with My Mickey Vacation, Josh loves helping people make their Disney dreams come true. He is also the senior writer and head of the writing team at Living The Dream Podcast. Josh can be reached at joshua.snyder@mymickeyvacation.com for travel agent inquiries, or at joshua.livingthedreampodcast@gmail.com for all other inquiries.

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