No More Tiers! Only smiles! – By Mary Morales

Published October 16, 2014 by

Changes to Disneyworld’s Fast Pass System – By Guest Author Mary Morales

UPDATE FROM MARY: October 16, 2014 at 6:50PM Eastern: The system is back to the tiered one – the system went down for hours when they did an upgrade, however they will be honoring all changes.

“The system is currently down for magical enhancements.” This is a statement that Travel Planners have come to dread when contacting the Disney Reservations System. It means you may not be able to run quotes, make reservations, do fast pass selections, make dining reservations, or any combination of the aforementioned actions.

We planners were greeted with this comment on this past Tuesday off and on when we tried to make magic for our clients. Cast members don’t often know when the system will be back up or what “enhancements” are occurring. When the system was back up and running, no one could say what changes were made until, lo and behold, the tiers were gone on the current fast pass system!

What does this mean? There has been a two tier fast pass choice system in place at both Epcot and Hollywood Studios. You were allowed to make one choice from Tier One and two choices from Tier Two. At Epcot, the coveted Soarin’ and Test Track as well as Illuminations were Tier One attractions. At Hollywood Studios, Rock n’ Roller Coaster, Fantasmic and the ever popular, Toy Story Mania were included in the Tier One selections.

This meant, that you could only have one fast pass for these highly sought after activities and sprinkle some pixie dust in hopes that additional fast passes were still available to select a Tier One attraction when you used your three initial fast passes. Now, you don’t have to choose. Like at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, all fast passes for the parks are showing on the same level. It’s like the holidays came early!!!!!!

Although the Tiers are gone at this time, Disney has not said whether or not this is another test or a permanent change. Resort guests, will continue to be able to choose their fast passes at 60 days out, so does that mean it will be even more difficult for those with non-resort stays to obtain fast passes to those former Tier One attractions? Only time will tell at this point. In the meantime, enjoy not having to make that crushing decision between Toy Story Mania and Rock’n Roller Coaster!!!!

Mary Morales is a Travel Specialist at Mad Hatter Adventures. Her areas of specialty are special needs and allergy friendly travel, but her services are free for all to use. At total Disney foodie, Mary runs the Disney Food Fans page and you can contact her at

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