Review! WDW Magazine’s new 2015 Calendar ~ Written by Tamara Botzum

Published October 13, 2014 by clodvantam

2015 is fast approaching.  That means it is time to get a new calendar.  I recently received a complimentary glossy 2015 calendar from WDW Magazine.  It is full of stunning photos from one of my favorite vacation spots, Walt Disney World.  Twelve talented photographers contributed to the calendar, and every month a new photograph is featured.  Included with my calendar was a card signed by the photographers.  That was a nice touch.



Each month, the calendar features information on events at Walt Disney World for that month, and tips on how to enjoy a better Disney vacation.  Now, as lovely as this calendar is, there are some things that are sorely missing.  For example, the days of the week are not listed.  Nor are the moon phases.  There are only a few tidbits of Disney information interspersed throughout the calendar year.  This may not sit well with Disney fans who expect to see Disney trivia on each and every day of the year.  Granted, this calendar deals exclusively with Walt Disney World, and does incorporate some important dates in Walt Disney World history, but the omission of additional Disney information leaves this calendar lacking.  It is also rather uncomfortable to see there are very few holidays listed.  I expected to see holidays listed from the countries that are in EPCOT’s World Showcase, but there are none.

While all in all, the calendar is an enchanting tribute to the beauty of Walt Disney World, it isn’t the best calendar in which to write important dates.  The glossy paper makes a pen smear rather easily.  You may want to use sticky notes to mark your dates.

For those interested in this unique calendar, you can find it at WDW Magazine‘s website.  The cost is $19.95.  Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.

*I received this calendar as a free gift from WDW Magazine so that I could provide you with my honest review. This did not influence my opinion. All thoughts are my own.


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