Disney Characters We Wish They’d Bring Back to the Parks!

Published November 6, 2013 by Disneyways.com


On episode #76 of the Disney Parks Podcast Show – Tammy Turner joins us to discuss Disney Characters we wish they’d bring back to the parks. Tammy Turner is your host on the Tiara Talk Show YouTube Channel! She brings you rare and fun interviews with creators of the Disney magic — such as actors, singers, dancers, imagineers and cast members who have worked for the Disney Company over the years! Tammy has such a fun personality and really brought a lot to this episode – we were very fortunate and thankful to have her on as a guest.

At Tammy’s request we chose our top 3 favorite characters to bring back to the parks. We kept our answers a surprise from each other until this recording. 

Highlights of the show include:

  • Tammy reveals that a BIG rumor we mentioned on Disneyways recently is definitely true!! Which rumor is it and how is she so sure?
  • Bonus content – who are Kenny the Pirate’s top 5 characters to bring back? Kenny the Pirate is a Disney character expert – so he knows them all!
  • Info on how you can contact us and let us know about the characters YOU miss seeing at the parks!

Click HERE to listen to the show directly from your computer. Look for the small grey circle with the sideways white triangle inside. Click on that circle and make sure your speakers are on. The show will begin immediately.

Thanks for listening and be sure and send us your feedback! You can check out Tammy’s website HERE. Have a magical day!

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