Send Friends and Family Your Own Crush Creation!

Published June 3, 2012 by

Who doesn’t love Crush from the Finding Nemo movie? I came across this today and I’ve had a ball sending it to my friends and family. I thought I’d share it with my Disneyways readers so you can create your own personalized video message from Crush too!

Click this link to go to the page where you can create your message. You don’t have to be on (or logged in to) facebook for this to work. About mid-page you’ll see an envelope with a circle around it. Click on that. Fill in all the fields (except the optional nickname since that doesn’t seem to do anything or matter).

Then hit the bubble at the bottom that says “make”…

From here you can have your choice of ways to share. I like email (the bubble furthest to the right) because I prefer not to give too much access to my connections on facebook or twitter…and that’s what this app will want you to do. It will probably also force you to log in to your facebook or twitter account to continue – and I really didn’t have time for that.

The next option is “Whom would you like to send this eCard to?” You can type in your card recipiant’s name again. Next is where I changed things up a bit. In the “Friends Email” option I put MY OWN email address.  I created about 5 cards for 5 different recipients and sent them all to my personal email address. Crush didn’t seem to mind a bit – so I don’t think there is a limit of times you can do this.

 Then when you login to your email account – the card is there in your inbox.   It is beautiful and full of graphics. Keep in mind you still need to send a copy to your chosen card recipient and you may want to listen to make sure Crush says their name and location correctly before forwarding. My personal choice was to take the link off of the bottom of the card, paste it into another email and send only THAT to my friends and family, with a personal note from myself attached. This avoids any issues of them having trouble seeing it in all of it’s beautiful computer graphic glory when they view the card. 

Crush was not able to say my cousin’s name (Brianne) so I had to choose for him to say Breana. Then when I sent her the note I told her that Crush’s Australian accent made his Brianne sound like Breana. I thought she’d get a kick out of that…and that was an added perk of sending it to myself first. I was able to customize it even further for her with a note from me. You can use this secret too if your card recipients have names Crush can’t pronounce.

Disney gets the benefit of advertising links on the bottom of this card being sent to your friends and family. I figure it’s a small price to pay for the fact that they created  such an adorable  personalized card AND  made it free for us to use as many times as we’d like. I hope you have as much fun with this as I did! If you give it a try will you please write and let me know how it worked for you? Party on Dudes! Crush and I hope you have a totally awesome day!

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