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Cheshire Cafe Gourmet Cake Cups ~ Written by Guest Author Dawn Mathis Losch

Published October 15, 2013 by

Cheshire Cafe Gourmet Cake Cups ~ Written by Guest Author Dawn Mathis Losch

**Update from Krista October 28, 2013: This treat is no longer being offered in the Magic Kingdom at this time. We hope they will bring it back one day!***

I just got back from one of my monthly trips to Disney, where I had to try the new Gourmet cupcake at the Cheshire cafe in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland.

The Cheshire cafe used to be the Enchanted Grove.  It has been updated with lots of pretty vines, and a pink striped smiling Cheshire cat on the sign. They sell cereals, muffins, fruit, slushies, and coffee now as well.

As soon as I saw the news about a new item being offered, I could not wait to try it. I am not a chocolate fan,so vanilla was the way to go.

The gourmet cupcakes are offered in a Chocolate coffee-ish flavor called Mad Hatter mocha, and Cheshire cupcake cake cup, which was vanilla.

It is a parfait looking dessert with layers of vanilla frosting, (lots of it), and vanilla cake. It is topped full of fun colored sprinkles.

You will definitely want to have your sweet tooth ready, because this is sure to kick it into overdrive.

I think the funnest thing about this dessert was the picture decoration on top.  It was totally edible, and it was neat to be eating a sugar picture.

Both the cupcake cups were reasonably priced at 4.19. I shared mine with my husband and daughter.


Dawn Mathis Losch lives in New Port Richey Florida with her family. She is also a regular contributor to Addicted to Mickey, a community page about Disney.

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