RunDisney Q and A – By Guest Author Jason Rowe

Published October 23, 2014 by ManOfTheMouse

As we wind down the year with the last RunDisney event, many of you may be thinking “I would love to run at Disney, but how?” Well, I am here to help you make that a reality. Like many of you, I had a lot of questions at the beginning of 2014 on how all of this works with RunDisney events. I have compiled a list of Q & A to help you with just that. If you are already thinking about making your New Year’s resolution to take part in one of these events, the following questions and answers are for you.

Q: How much are these races going to cost?

A: These races vary in price, the cost typically increases from year to year, as new races are added and the existing races are growing in popularity.

Registration for a half marathon distance is right around $185, with the 5k somewhere around $80.

Q: What do you receive for this price?

A: A tech shirt, finishers medal, personalized bib, and goody bag. This is not much different from most marathons, however it is all Disney related!

Q: How quickly do I need to register for a RunDisney event?

A: ASAP! With popularity ramping up and more events being added, sign up should be completed the day registration opens to ensure a starting spot.

Don’t worry if you miss out, some travel agencies carry race registrations as part of their travel packages. Also, some charities also may have entries available in exchange for fundraising.

**Also, if you are an Annual Passholder or DVC member, early registration is available a week early.

Q: How long are race weekends typically? From a scheduling perspective?

A: Race weekends are typically four day events, with the expo kicking everything off.





Q: When is the expo held? Is anyone allowed to visit the expo?

A: The race expo will start the day before the first race. This is the area where runners will pick up their bibs, shirts, and limited edition RunDisney merchandise. Anyone can attend the expo.

Q: Is there an age requirement for entering race?

A: Each race has its own requirements. As with most, 5k’s are open to all ages. The 10k races require that runners be 10 years of age or older. Half marathons, the requirement is 14 years or older. And if  you are really brave, the Goofy and Dopey Challenges, runners need to be 18 years or older.

Q: What is the pace? What is being “swept”?

A: RunDisney sets a pace requirement of a 16 minute mile in order not to be swept.

Being “swept” is being taken off the course due to not maintaining pace.

** You will be broken down into corrals based on your anticipated time that you will need to provide to register. 5k’s do not require an anticipated time to enter.

Q: What if I get thirsty or need a bathroom break?

A: About every mile and half, runners will find a water station. Bathrooms will also be located at these stations.





Q: What should my family and friends prepare for to greet me along the route or at the finish line?

A: First thing you to remember, you are at Disney along with thousands of your closest friends and runners, crowds will be on hand.

After the race there will be a family reunion area at the finish line. Banners will be set up in sections by last name. Arrange for your family and friends to meet in one of these designated areas.

Or at a location far enough away from the start/finish line.

For more information on RunDisney events coming in 2014, you can visit for details.

Until next time, train hard, have fun, and make it happen friends!



About the author: Jason Rowe is a huge Disney fan stuck in the midwest. If you would like to read more about RunDisney events or Disney from a guys perspective, check out, Jason enjoys bringing news from Main Street to Your Street.

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